OPINION: Magical product can have long-lasting effects on body

Students can show their body some love with free fitness classes, Pullman’s hills



Working out at the gym might be a nightmare for some students, but spending as little as 30 minutes for physical activities can be just as helpful. Exercise could help students focus, which can help with their studies.

EURUS THACH, Evergreen columnist

Many of us care about our appearances and the way we dress. However, only some of us genuinely take care of our bodies in a proper way.

Luckily, there’s a magical “cosmetic” product for our bodies that has been on the market for hundreds of years. It’s totally free. Moreover, shortly after a month, you are going to thank yourself for having it. I guarantee the longer you work with it, the happier you’ll be.

Try some exercises. The only cost you have to pay is your time.

You might tell yourself, “I don’t have time.” It’s understandable that a busy schedule is a barrier. Obviously, we can’t even imagine ourselves going to the gym with all the work we have.

Traci Pak, a senior finance major, works out three to four days a week. 

“I don’t think that working out takes up a lot of valuable time because it serves a better purpose and will make me more productive and make me feel better in the long run,” Pak said.

Honestly, campus itself provides a workout. With Pullman’s hills, it’s enough to be called light exercise. However, you can always show your body more love.

I know to some of us, working out at a gym is a nightmare. But if you really want to do yourself a favor, how about spending 30 minutes of extra time walking on a day off or simply walking to work or school? Instead of thinking about it as an exercise, we can see it as spending time off the phone and enjoying the view. With wandering thoughts in our heads, a 30-minute period will pass by easily.

Some believe working out only makes us more tired after a long day at school. We could use that time for homework. We might tell ourselves that feeling “fresh” after working out is only a myth. But is it?

That is also the reason that WSU has free fitness classes at the end of the semester to help cope with finals stress. To this point, we can comfort our mind that the “fresh” feeling is not a fraud at all.

Wonbin Park, freshman agricultural economics major, is taking seven classes this semester and said that working out is a big priority. 

“Working out might change [many] more things in your life than you expect,” he said. “People can be much more healthy by a bit of time every day. They also can manage their out-looking appearances and feel more alive.”