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OPINION: Conserve energy in many different ways

When considering how to be energy and environmentally friendly, there's a lot of different options.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist September 21, 2020

Ever since I was little, I was taught many ways to conserve energy: turn off the lights when I leave the room, check the bottom of bottles to see if they are recyclable and so forth. The issue of energy...

OPINION: Individual changes will help stop wildfires

As we've seen so far, wildfires are a fact of nature. But we can help mitigate their damage by taking responsibility for our environment.
HANNA YUZYUK, Evergreen columnist September 21, 2020

Forests on fire and smoke in the air — this is the best advertisement for the Green New Deal. We see something wrong is going on in nature. We have to realize that this is a stopping point. Our dividing...

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