Game Review: New Sims 4: Werewolves could turn failing franchise around

Could this be what The Sims needs to regain relevancy?



I am so serious. That is a furry and I do not trust it.

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Managing editor

I was nervous when Electronic Arts announced the latest game pack for my favorite game franchise, The Sims 4 — The Sims 4: Werewolves.

The idea is cool, and more occult types in the game are frankly overdue, but I nearly had a heart attack when the first photos of the werewolves were released. What the HELL is THAT?

They are like furries met … okay, I do not even know. Those are just furries.

It is like they were trying way too hard to make the werewolves “pretty.” News flash, werewolves are not supposed to be pretty! Werewolves are primal and animalistic! I do not want sexy, I want Sims 3 goblin mode wolves!!!

I was also nervous because the last few releases for new Sims content have been subpar, with issues from broken games to political controversy.

I was actually hesitant to even get the game pack, that is how strong my concerns were. But of course, I could not resist—I am a slut for this franchise, so they got my money once again.

Luckily, I was pretty impressed!

I was convinced to purchase the DLC by the new items available in Create-A-Sim and Build & Buy, and I was not disappointed! The grungy aesthetic is fresh and cool, and if you are as dedicated to this game as I am, those items alone make this pack worthwhile in my opinion.

The new world, Moonwood Mill, is also pretty sick! It is rather small, but there is plenty to explore and lots of new gameplay available.

(And seriously, the aesthetic is everything I could have asked for. Very Forks, WA-esque).

However, the highlight was actually the werewolves themselves!

Their appearance still unnerves me just a bit, I am not going to lie, but the more I play with them the more they grow on me.

It is really the new lore and the gameplay that werewolves bring that make them great, though. It has been a while since The Sims introduced a new occult with this much depth (and that was actually fun to play).

Overall, The Sims 4: Werewolves is a step in the right direction for a franchise I am so fond of.

They were falling off for a while there, with the humiliating My Wedding Stories release and their continuing attempts to get us to buy into Kits, but I think Werewolves could represent a turning point for the game.

If the Sims team is able to continue building on this hype and releasing good quality, worthwhile DLC, I am excited to see where my favorite game franchise will head next.