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OPINION: Learn a foreign language

The ability to communicate in a different language is a necessary skill in the modern world.
GRACE LAPIERRE, Evergreen columnist December 9, 2020

In my experience, learning a foreign language is a fun, rewarding challenge. I studied French in high school for three years, took a semester of Chinese and am currently on my third semester of Japanese....

OPINION: Improving online schooling for next semester

Zoom classes and online school is still a work in progress.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist December 9, 2020

The coronavirus has changed the regular way of life for most. It has altered the way that students learn. This semester has surely been different, and many people have differing opinions about online school. Some...

OPINION: Satire: No Shave November should be a WSU holiday

No Shave November isn't just a fun way to raise money — it should also be an official WSU holiday.
JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen columnist December 2, 2020

Gardner Minshew captured lightning in a bottle when he took the helm as Washington State University's quarterback. His retro look, including the mustache, soul patch and headband sparked national interest...

OPINION: Support students with depression

Students with depression suffer enough — they need our support.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist December 1, 2020

I have suffered from depression for many years and have amassed a wide range of experiences while dealing with it. I have had many unexpected reactions, and as I grew older, I realized that I was not alone....

OPINION: Electoral stress negatively affects our mental health

Election stress is mentally taxing, but we can work past it moving forward.
MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen columnist November 19, 2020

As the election drew near over the last few weeks, a record number of Americans were doing their due diligence to fill out their ballots. Newscasts were watched, articles were read — all in preparation...

OPINION: Yoga benefits mental, physical health

Yoga comes with a whole host of benefits, both mentally and physically.
MADELINE GREER, Evergreen columnist November 18, 2020

For many college students, there is always a time when we are stressed about an assignment, test or worried about passing a class. My first year of college did not go as expected, and my spring semester...

OPINION: Riots over election will not solve anything

Protests and riots will only push Americans farther apart, which is something we cannot afford. Political unity is what America needs, not partisanship.
HANNA YUZYUK, Evergreen columnist November 12, 2020

The 2020 election is different from any other U.S. election I remember. I am not talking about the process; I am talking about the social climate and the many issues that follow this election. I think...

OPINION: Take a mental health day

Taking a mental health day is important for students and professors alike.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist November 11, 2020

Mental health and how to take care of yourself has been a highly discussed subject, especially because of the pandemic and quarantine. Many schools have gone virtual because of COVID-19. Although that...

OPINION: Countdown after the 3rd: I have no mouth and I must scream

Joe Biden has won the election, cementing neoliberalism in the highest rungs of government for another four years.
JACOB HERSH, Evergreen opinion editor November 10, 2020

“We can have Rome again if you break enough BMW windows.” -Mike Ma, “Harassment Architecture” And finally, the political machinations of the two great tribes slowly spins to a halt – America...

OPINION: Amy Coney Barrett will roll back LGBTQ+ rights

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court signals a new wave of conservative decisions from the judicial branch. It’s conceivable that LGBTQ+ rights will be taken away because of her nomination.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist November 5, 2020

Amy Coney Barret's contentious confirmation to the Supreme Court is changing the course of politics. On Oct. 26, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed with a 52-48 vote. Barrett has more conservative views...

OPINION: Countdown to the 3rd: Electoral purgatory

There are essentially five states that will decide this race — and two of them are hotly contested.
JACOB HERSH, Evergreen opinion editor November 5, 2020

“Now I’m finding truth is a ruin, nauseous end that nobody is pursuing, Staring into glassy eyes, mesmerized.” -Mr. Bungle, “Retrovertigo” Tuesday’s election night fiasco began fairly...

OPINION: Don’t let election stress get to you

Stress and the election seem to go hand in hand, but it doesn't have to be that way.
MADELINE GREER, Evergreen columnist November 3, 2020

This election has been one of the most riveting in a long time. It’s a presidential election during a historical pandemic affecting millions of people living in America. This year’s election will...

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