The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

Students should not have to fight for a place to park in lots that they pay over $500 for each year.

OPINION: Transportation Services needs to prioritize students

ANNABELLE PEPIN, Evergreen columnist October 6, 2022

When a part of the Green 3 parking lot on Columbia Street shifted from an annual payment to $2 an hour according to the Daily Evergreen, student concerns arose.  Chris Boyan, director of Transportation...

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story can be streamed on Netflix. However, should you stream it, do so thoughtfully and respectfully.

TV Show Review: New Netflix Dahmer show captures failures of police, pain of victims’ families

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist October 6, 2022

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” the new Netflix series, shows the horrendous and scary life of murder, rape, drugging and cannibalism performed by the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.  The...

Netflix claims that Dahmer is a victim-centered work, but only one episode is from a victims perspective; so who is it really about?

OPINION: Why do we keep sensationalizing serial killers in pop culture?

TESS DURAND, Evergreen copy chief October 6, 2022

Crime has always been a popular genre, but true crime is no doubt more fascinating than fictional crime.  However, when we watch movies and TV shows depicting the actions of notorious serial killers,...

A party can be a great place to have fun and make memories, but attending comes with risk.

OPINION: Frat parties are scary…

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist September 29, 2022

Many people know someone who has been intoxicated underage, whether it was at a party or just casually with friends. Even in the dorms, you come across fraternity guys running up and down the halls tripping...

There is no hiding when it comes to acoustic guitar; it is all skill.

Joey’s Top 10s: Top 10 acoustic guitar players of all time

JOEY FRANKLIN September 22, 2022

The acoustic guitar is brutal; there is no distortion, overdrive or other effects that can save you when you are playing acoustic. Acoustic music usually comes along with thoughtful, introspective lyrics,...

I am going to hazard a guess and hope that is not really water...

Satire: Pullman ‘waterline’ breaks, students rejoice

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist September 22, 2022

After Saturday’s water main break downtown, questions from both residents of Pullman and officials from the City of Pullman remain unanswered.  Those who could view the broken water main gushing...

Over the weekend, Spokane-based band Snacks at Midnight held a concert right here on campus!

OPINION: Events, clubs on campus need your support!

ANNABELLE PEPIN, Evergreen columnist September 22, 2022

No one does community better than the WSU Cougs. Supporting each others’ events is one of the best ways to keep the tight community thriving, but is often not talked about enough. Events on campus are...

Birds, like the native red-tailed hawk, are especially prone to smoke inhalation.

OPINION: Do not forget about nature when air quality suffers

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist September 19, 2022

As smoke swept through the Pacific Northwest, it caused unhealthy air conditions in late August and early September. The effects were felt by all members of the Pullman community, humans and animals alike. But...

Vice President Cheney arrives at Jamestown Settlement with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

OPINION: I do not care about the Queen of England

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen Opinion Editor September 15, 2022

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away last week, a blanket of mourning fell over not just her country, but seemingly the world. The late Queen ascended to the English throne in 1952, and throughout her...

Dont Worry Darling is set to release on Sept. 23.

Movie Preview: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ – or do

MIKAYLA FINNERTY, Managing editor September 15, 2022

The highly anticipated film “Don’t Worry Darling” comes out next week, and personally I am very excited. But in order to appreciate the whole movie, we must go over the controversy fueling social...

The Whitman County Humane Society is home to many animals who could be your new best friend.

OPINION: Adopt, don’t shop!

MIA PUZZO, Evergreen columnist September 15, 2022

We as humans love our furry friends. There is nothing better than a dog or cat waiting for you when you get home every day.  Unfortunately, it seems that for some people the breed of their pet is more...

Superfan Jeremy T. Cougar was the final fan in the Crim-Zone on Saturday. Congrats, Jeremy!

Satire: Out of the frying pan, into the Crim-Zone…

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen Opinion Editor September 8, 2022

The Cougar Marching Band occupied the Crim-Zone during the 2021 football season, but were booted this year when football's student leadership decided that it was creepy and too distracting how they all...

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