Vet Med seeks canine participants for study


RACHEL SUN | Daily Evergreen file

Koji the Shiba Inu walks on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall.

BAILEY CAMPBELL, Evergreen reporter

Healthy dog volunteers are needed for a study on the effects of antibiotics found in dog feces.

The WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is asking for 60 volunteers for a week-long study. Dogs will be given one of three oral antibacterial medications prescribed on a three to seven day schedule.

Dog owners are asked to collect a stool sample at the beginning and end of the study period. Stool samples can be taken to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. During the study, observations will need to be recorded to ensure normal behavior of the dog.

The study is researching the effects of antibiotic medication on dogs’ normal flora, or gut bacteria. Healthy dogs are needed because they have normal bacteria compared to sick dogs. Researchers are exploring whether alterations in normal flora contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

A complete physical examination and study medication provided will be free of charge for dog owners. Once completed, owners will receive a $5 Ferdinand’s gift certificate.

For more information and to enroll your dog, please contact Valorie Wiss at [email protected].