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ASWSU social media campaigns push for COVID-19 resources

ASWSU Senate committees have been  sending COVID-19 information out in different ways, like with the “Why I Wear a Mask” campaign.

BROOKLYNN HILLEMANN, Evergreen reporter

October 1, 2020

ASWSU’s social media campaigns advocating for the practice of following COVID-19 public safety regulations have reached over 4,700 people, ASWSU's Chief of Staff and Finance said during Wednesday night’s Senate meeting. The Senate committees have been pushing to communicate information about C...

ASWSU plans to increase voter registration

ASWSU President Curtis Cohen said the executive team wants to provide resources for students so they know what to do if they contract COVID-19.

BROOKLYNN HILLEMANN, Evergreen reporter

September 24, 2020

ASWSU members spoke about their plans for increasing voter registration and communicating information about COVID-19 to students during the Senate’s Wednesday night meeting. The legislative affairs team has been working to increase voter registration through various campaigns, said Alexandra Donnici, ...

ASWSU Senators meet with WSU Transportation Services officials

Clara Ehinger and Sophia Daigle were sworn in as freshmen delegates and Tania Hernandez as senator. Senator Jocelyn Granados announced she was stepping down as senator.

BROOKLYNN HILLEMANN, Evergreen reporter

September 3, 2020

Officials from WSU Transportation Services introduced themselves to ASWSU and explained ways students can get involved with the department during Wednesday night’s meeting. John Shaheen, WSU Transportation Services director, introduced himself and his colleagues to the senate. “Our operation...

ASWSU confirms new senator, director

Senator Oluwanifemi Shola-Dare said she wants to see Jenna Fitzgerald, director of diversity inclusion and veterans affairs, create a plan that will encourage diversity.

BROOKLYNN HILLEMANN, Evergreen reporter

August 27, 2020

ASWSU returned for the first session of the year Wednesday night over Zoom and confirmed three students to legislative positions and another as director of diversity, inclusion and veterans affairs. Jenna Fitzgerald, junior philosophy major, was confirmed as the director of diversity, inclusion and...

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