ASWSU plans to increase voter registration

Senate to host monthly town halls; working to provide student COVID-19 resources



ASWSU President Curtis Cohen said the executive team wants to provide resources for students so they know what to do if they contract COVID-19.


ASWSU members spoke about their plans for increasing voter registration and communicating information about COVID-19 to students during the Senate’s Wednesday night meeting.

The legislative affairs team has been working to increase voter registration through various campaigns, said Alexandra Donnici, deputy director of legislative affairs.

The team is working closely with Cougs Vote and the Pac-12 to promote the “ALL IN” voting challenge, she said.

A social media campaign using school rivalries to promote voter turnout is also being finalized, said Bryce Regian, deputy director of legislative affairs.

ASWSU President Curtis Cohen said the executive team is focusing on providing resources and information regarding COVID-19.

Leaders on campus have formed a committee to determine how resources can be made more available to students, he said.

“There needs to be more communication with instructions, like what happens if you do get COVID?” he said, “Or how long do you have to be quarantined?”

ASWSU will be hosting monthly, themed town halls. The town hall scheduled for the beginning of October will focus on freshmen and how they can get involved, he said.

Jenna Fitzgerald, director of diversity, inclusion and veterans affairs, said she is working on creating a website that allows students to express themselves.

“I’ve been reaching out to the heads of minority organizations to understand what they would like us to know and how they can express themselves,” she said.

A committee to help run the project will be created once the website is functional, she said.

The ASWSU communications team is working to engage students on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram through short videos, said Gerardo Zaragoza, deputy director of communication.

He said the aim is for the videos to give students insight into what ASWSU does and how the Senate operates.