ASWSU social media campaigns push for COVID-19 resources

Care packages will be delivered anonymously to students who tested positive for COVID-19



ASWSU Senate committees have been sending COVID-19 information out in different ways, like with the “Why I Wear a Mask” campaign.


ASWSU’s social media campaigns advocating for the practice of following COVID-19 public safety regulations have reached over 4,700 people, ASWSU’s Chief of Staff and Finance said during Wednesday night’s Senate meeting.

The Senate committees have been pushing to communicate information about COVID-19 in creative and engaging manners, like the “Why I Wear a Mask” campaign, said Jhordin Prescott, ASWSU chief of staff and finance.

The Department of Health is working on Cougar care packages, which will be given to every student diagnosed with COVID-19, said ASWSU Director of Health Patrick Johnson.

The packages will have snacks, thermometers, toilet paper and coupon books for local businesses, he said. Students diagnosed with COVID-19 will anonymously give their address for the care package delivery.

“We’re about an eighth of the way there of completing the care packages,” he said. “So we’ve got a little over 125 built, and over the next couple weeks, we’re going to hopefully finish them out.”

Prescott said the ASWSU Director of Safety, Sam Gerlach, is working on completing the Blue Light Project, which installs emergency telephones across campus, with the latest spot designated in Ruby Park.

The date for installation of the light has not yet been determined, she said.

Resources for mental health and food security may be added to class syllabi, said Dylan Good, ASWSU deputy director of academic affairs.

Concerns regarding adding length to the syllabi are being addressed, he said. One possibility is creating an online portal with a list of resources instead of adding to the syllabi. 

Ashley Delligatti, senior public relations and sociology double major, was confirmed as the senator for the college of communication.