Gamers gathered to play together

Rows of monitors and tables full of laptops filled the CUB Senior Ballroom when upward of 200 people crammed in to play their favorite games.

The 13th annual WSUCon took place Friday through Saturday, with students participating in tournaments, playing games and making connections. However, the event wasn’t just for computer gamers; students played a variety of games including mahjong, the “Magic” card game, and even a few rounds “Card Against Humanity.

WSUCon increased in size since its start 13 years ago. In fact, in the last four years there has been an annual increase of roughly 30 percent, the officers of Linux Users Group, which hosted the event, said.

The event’s goal is to be more than just an LAN party, in which a group of people who play PC games on the same network, hence the abbreviation for Local Area Network. WSUCon is a social event where anyone can find friends with similar interests.

Wesley Bolliger, a freshman hoping to major in material science, said he likes going to social gaming events like this one. This is his first WSUCon, although he has gone to the console “Super Smash Bros.,” tournaments that are held more frequently.

“Through the Super Smash Bros. tournaments and face-to-face interactions that occur- that’s where I can make more friends who enjoy gaming as well,” Bolliger said.

Other participants in the “Super Smash Bros.” tournament included newcomer freshman civil engineering major hopeful Steven Tang, last year’s tournament winner senior computer science major David Hanson, and returning junior computer science major Collier Mayo.

“WSUCon is where upsets happen,” Mayo said.

After a shocking loss last year to then-newcomer Hanson, Mayo had his game face on this year. He said that one never knows with tournaments like these, which are double elimination brackets. One person could be dominating the game, then suddenly some newcomer comes and steals their thunder, Mayo said.

“David was a powerhouse that just came out of nowhere,” he said.

All eyes were on Hanson to see if he’d bring back another win, but after about three hours of play newcomer Tang took the win.

Students ate Panda Express and police patrolled throughout the night to keep an eye on things. Other tournament winners included the team COUGARS.PRO.CS in the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament.

The 14-hour marathon “League of Legends” tournament ended with a win from team EdwardxJacob. On the flipside, a much quicker game took place through the simple game of “Cards Against Humanity.”

In between games, students sat at tables off to the side, making friends and finding love, LUG President Andrew Lytle said. He said he knows one couple who found each other through WSUCon.

Seeing the connections that people make in the gaming community is what WSUCon is all about, Lytle said.