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Pullman residents are coming together across the city to demand air conditioning units. No one should have to make do with fans in the boiling heat.

Satire: Recovered from heatwave, Pullman residents riot for change

MEGHAN HENRY July 12, 2021

Pullman has gone up in flames. And how ironic, because we are all finally recovering from the heat wave that just passed through. The young and old alike suffered through unrelenting heat and now from...

Films characterizing all colleges as party central set students up for a very different reality.

SATIRE: College movies create unrealistic expectations for students


When I first came to college, fresh out of high school, I think I expected it to be largely the same but with somewhat more difficult work. Some people might expect it to be significantly harder; some...

An unexpected experience with a cult at Cougar College affects three students' lives.

SATIRE: Locals share stories as cult survivors

LOREN NEGRON, Evergreen editor-in-chief June 28, 2021

Note: All names have been changed to ensure the safety of sources. Things aren't always what they seem at first. One event always leads to another.  How did I get here? Cyrus thought. How in the...

Folded over or under? The most divisive argument of the century is which way the toilet paper roll is supposed to face.

SATIRE: Opposing opinions lead to divorce for some, hilarity for others

GRACE LAPIERRE June 14, 2021

People have opinions on almost everything. This is great for the existence of an opinion section in a newspaper, but all in all, can be a pain. People can argue over the dumbest stuff, like that blue and...

Though animation was created to make customer service more helpful, in reality, it makes the experience more stressful.

SATIRE: Automation in customer service is not making things more efficient


Robots are much better workers than humans. After all, they never need to take bathroom breaks, eat or sleep. If there was no need for these things, nor a need to pay employees a living wage, corporations...

Mysterious creatures might be hiding in plain sight on WSU Pullman's campus.

SATIRE: Mascots tend to be a friendly presence, but what is really under the mask?


Mascots are weird. From Syracuse University’s Otto the Orange, Miami Heat’s Burnie, who has allegedly been sued more than once, or King Cake Baby in New Orleans, to the strange yam ninja Jinenga of...

Recruiters seem to be sneaking their way into everyone's emails and high schools to find new recruits.

SATIRE: Dear military recruiters, stop texting me


People who serve in the military have my respect. It is brave, both for the risk of combat — no matter how great of a risk it is at that time — but also for the time commitment and the seemingly unwavering...

It is a common occurrence for many Americans to confuse states with each other, even when they are on opposite sides of the country. This happens with American cities with the same names as foreign cities or countries as well.

Americans should remember their geography lessons


All of my life, I have dealt with one minor yet annoying occurrence when I am asked about where I am from or where I live.  “Where are you from?” asks the random person from outside of New...

Phineas and Ferb aren't the only ones who know how to have a great summer.

OPINION: Satire: Hot ways to enjoy summer 

PORTIA SIMMONS April 29, 2021

As people are getting their vaccines, things will start to open up and we can relax a little during the summer. As a student, it might be hard due to financial restraints, but don’t worry. There are...

These kids may look ordinary, but they have only the most sinister of intentions.

OPINION: Satire: Children of the wheat

PORTIA SIMMONS April 28, 2021

Summer is the time to visit loved ones and, due to the COVID vaccine, many will be able to do so. During the summer months, there is a spike in children visiting their grandparents. There are many local...

Cami thinks her daughters should get all the solos — but so does every mom.

OPINION: Satire: Prance Moms petition

DIANA RIOS April 28, 2021

Every mother's nightmare, and every dance student's most frightening fan. Abinee Tiller, dance aficionado and local dream crusher is here to haunt your dreams. To introduce the junior competitive team...

Is it simply a cloud of mist, or is the well-known Bryan Clock Tower now a floating structure?

OPINION: Satire: My neighbor teleports to class

GRACE LAPIERRE April 22, 2021

The year is 2238. Due to people inconsistently following public health guidelines — much like a tuberculosis patient electing not to finish their antibiotics routine in full — the coronavirus pandemic...

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