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Films characterizing all colleges as party central set students up for a very different reality.

SATIRE: College movies create unrealistic expectations for students


When I first came to college, fresh out of high school, I think I expected it to be largely the same but with somewhat more difficult work. Some people might expect it to be significantly harder; some...

Students work tirelessly in college to prepare themselves for future careers. Internships would help them reach that goal.

Students should apply for internships before graduating

MEGHAN HENRY June 28, 2021

College students are often lacking on-the-job experience many employers look for in applicants. With so much emphasis on building your resume and staying involved while in school, it can feel like there...

Today’s youth are one of the most politically active groups of young people in generations. We deserve to know if our colleges are in support of us.

Colleges should make political views known for sake of students

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 25, 2021

Historically, young people have been a demographic disengaged from mainstream politics.  This isn’t because youth aren’t affected by politics — in fact, the voting age was lowered from 21 to...

Our university is writing students a check for financial failure that we do not know how to read — because we have not been taught.

WSU should provide UCORE classes that prepare students for post-graduate financial success

MEGHAN HENRY June 14, 2021

Many students at WSU graduate with memories and a community unlike any other university alumni. However, some students argue that our education is not fully preparing us for day-to-day life after graduation. Paying...

Though we may feel stuck in our dorms and residence halls, RAs and administrators are working hard to help us feel connected.

Life on campus is what you make of it, even during pandemic

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist June 7, 2021

Ever since our lives were interrupted by COVID-19 over a year ago, it feels like there is so much out of our control. From our health to our finances to our academics, much of the past year has been...

The traditional and modern buildings of campus mix well, creating an unexpectedly-enchanting look.

Distinct feel of Pullman campus is traditional, yet still enchanting


I understand quite little about TikTok. I have heard about the aesthetics that have popped up like cottagecore and have always been familiar with other aesthetics such as “vintage-inspired” and grunge. Pullman...

After a semester of supporting their fellow Greek students through online school, managing safety protocols for COVID-19 and leading individual chapters of their own, Greek leaders deserve a break.

Greek leaders deserve to rest this summer

MEGHAN HENRY May 28, 2021

Amid the stress of another semester online and the balance of mental health and getting work done, Greek leaders at WSU were pushing for new goals. As this semester was the first one in leadership for...

It is a common occurrence for many Americans to confuse states with each other, even when they are on opposite sides of the country. This happens with American cities with the same names as foreign cities or countries as well.

Americans should remember their geography lessons


All of my life, I have dealt with one minor yet annoying occurrence when I am asked about where I am from or where I live.  “Where are you from?” asks the random person from outside of New...

Washington state universities seem to be unknown to some American students. Without sports teams that are household names or academics that are renowned by a majority nationwide, students outside of Washington state are not familiar with us.

Out of state, WSU lacks strong reputation


As an out-of-stater myself, I wanted to know what people thought of WSU — or if they knew of it at all. Most people, I figured, did not look through a book of every university in the country and narrow...

Although some students may come to WSU with an idea of their dream job, it is normal for them to change their minds. Students should consider every option, and not have to worry about changing their major.

Students shouldn’t be afraid to change majors

MEGHAN HENRY May 17, 2021

College is a common next step for many American students. Many of us come into college unsure of what our options are. Often, we don’t yet know what we want to be when we grow up. Many of us choose...

When applying for college, the location of campus is often a major factor. Some prefer experiencing college in a small town rather than a city, and this preference can affect which colleges we pay attention to.

University’s perceived ‘popularity’ affected by location


Driving about an hour and a half out of Pullman, I remember there being a large “GO COUGS!” painted on the side of a building in a field. When I return to Chelan to visit my father, I can see flags...

The ability to communicate in a different language is a necessary skill in the modern world.

OPINION: Learn a foreign language

GRACE LAPIERRE December 9, 2020

In my experience, learning a foreign language is a fun, rewarding challenge. I studied French in high school for three years, took a semester of Chinese and am currently on my third semester of Japanese....

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