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OPINION: Amy Coney Barrett will roll back LGBTQ+ rights

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court signals a new wave of conservative decisions from the judicial branch. It’s conceivable that LGBTQ+ rights will be taken away because of her nomination.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist November 5, 2020

Amy Coney Barret's contentious confirmation to the Supreme Court is changing the course of politics. On Oct. 26, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed with a 52-48 vote. Barrett has more conservative views...

OPINION: We need more gender neutral bathrooms

Gender neutral restrooms are safer and more inclusive for everyone, regardless of gender identity.
PORTIA SIMMONS, Evergreen columnist October 12, 2020

Although society has taken strides for the equality of LGBTQ+ community members, there are still some things we can do to improve the everyday lives of these individuals. One of them is having gender-neutral...

OPINION: Transgender people continue to face problems

Trans people are still struggling for healthcare, safety and respect in 2020.
CLAIRE PADILLA, Evergreen columnist June 23, 2020

What rights do transgender people have in today's America? In the nation's discriminatory climate, it can be difficult to know what rights trans people are actually afforded. In fact, I found it a lot...

OPINION: WSU should not allow gendered dress codes

Students in voice lessons are required to participate in
ELENA PERRY, Evergreen columnist November 19, 2019

Students who take voice lessons at WSU are required to participate in convocation, a weekly solo performance in front of everyone else in lessons. Students are expected to prepare a piece of music ahead...

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