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Reader reactions: ‘Countless hours go into this’

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Readers react to an article about the Cougar Marching Band and color guard’s large time commitment to practicing for weekend football games. Members practice five days a week to prepare for the game-day performances.

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Rochelle Davis Barcellona: “I wish the TV stations would give us the opportunity to watch the half-time shows.”

Kami Turner Mensonides: “My daughter said one of her dorm mates is in the band and is just crazy exhausted by the end of game night. This article did not even go into how they perform at the RV lots and around campus the day before and day of game on top of the field performances and then playing all game.”

Jill Laramore: “My daughter was in the WSU marching band (a trumpet player). Not only do they practice and do pre and post-game performances, but they stand throughout the whole game. It’s a true commitment to be in the band.”

Nancy Johns Heard: “Wow, I love the band, and I didn’t even think about how the five home games in a row would impact them. More reason to love and support the marching band!”

Annie Patterson: “I love my walk to my car after work on the days the band is practicing. It’s awesome to see and hear them practicing.”