Warning: Not parent-friendly

Sex scenes with parents are part of becoming an adult


KEISHA BROKAW | Evergreen Photo Illustration

People may not enjoy a movie based on who they watch it with, research says.

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

There are many ways to fully grasp the idea of growing up, watching sex scenes being one of them, but this can turn into a dreadful situation when parents are in the mix.

The emergence from adolescence is unavoidable and introduces a lot of new things into a younger person’s life. Puberty may come with many burdens, such as universally loved acne, but it’s also a time of sexual discovery.

As soon as a child starts to go through these changes, it is as if every single movie with sexual content makes its way onto a family’s television screen. As much as 80 percent of all movies shown on television have sexual content, according to the Western Journal of Medicine.

Researchers have found that people may or may not enjoy watching a movie because of what they are watching and who they’re watching it with, according to a study in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology. So, watching sexy films with parents will cause discomfort.

There are emotional stages when watching a sex scene with parents that sends the youngest in the room on a rollercoaster of feelings. Concern is followed by dread, shock, horror, and embarrassment.

To make matters worse, parents may want to have a talk about the birds and the bees afterward. Perhaps they’ll even pull out the ol’ condom and banana demonstration. Additionally, children will have to confront the fact that their parents are also sexual beings, making the uncomfortable situation ever more unbearable.

When someone becomes an adult, watching sex scenes with parents can still be a triggering experience. However, there is a way to avoid the emotional repercussions: Don’t watch them in the first place.

This may seem like a difficult task because there are countless movies and not everyone likes to spoil the plot for themselves.

CringMDb, a web server created in December 2015 with movies, allows users to see if a movie they want to watch is either “parent-safe” or “cringe-worthy.” All the user has to do is enter the title of a movie from 1995 – 2017 in CringeMDb’s search bar and then the results will display whether or not there is a sex scene, nudity or sexual violence.

Although there is a limited collection of movies in the database, there are possibilities for more content to be added to the list, such as TV shows and more Netflix, Hulu and Amazon shows.

If watching a sex scene with your parents paralyzes you with fear, maybe it is time for you to do some movie research or possibly have the “talk” with them and address the elephant in the room: Humans are sexual beings.