Auto club members help others with cars

Members have wide range of experience, knowledge of engines


KIERA CLUBB | The Daily Evergreen

Club President Matt Mortimer says participation is open to all who are passionate about cars.

MARCO MCCRAY, Evergreen reporter

The Automotive Enthusiast Club gives students the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about cars.

President Matt Mortimer said the club started about a year ago and has been quickly growing ever since. AEC started with five members and is now up to 400 on its Facebook page, Mortimer said.

There are no membership requirements for the club, he said. The purpose of AEC is to get together with the community of people who are excited about cars, regardless of experience.
“Anybody who has a passion for anything with an engine can come and join us for a really fun time,” Mortimer said.

AEC member Ryan Wood said he has been interested in cars since he was a child. A great aspect of the club is that there are so many people knowledgeable about cars, so you can find someone willing to help you with almost any aspect of your car at any time, Wood said.

AEC recently rented out Beasley Coliseum to host a full-scale car show, the theme of which was modern and classic cars. The event also included a giveaway raffle to win prizes.

At their weekly club meetings, they go over any updates relevant to the members and other upcoming event opportunities. Besides the meetings, AEC members get together for car meets and other events, such as local car shows.

Mortimer is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, and as a freshman he was surprised there wasn’t an active car club like AEC on campus, he said. The club is helpful for incoming freshmen, to make social connections with people, Mortimer said.

“What really makes the club special to me,” he said, “is the fact that all sorts of people come together and unite under a true love for cars.”

Some future plans for AEC are to rent out a garage on campus and get their funds together in order to buy a rally car. The on-campus garage will allow the club to offer more educational and outreach opportunities for people who don’t know anything about cars but want to learn more, Mortimer said.

AEC meets every Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the CUB, Room 208. Those interested in getting involved with the AEC can go online and visit their Facebook and CougSync page.