Reader reactions: Guns banned from WSU, storage available

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Readers react to an article about the 24-hour access gun safe offered by WSU Police. Students are not allowed to carry guns of any kind while on campus, but may store and retrieve their firearms in the WSU Department of Public Safety.

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Michael W. Hilliard: “Used this service many times and very appreciative for it. Takes a little while when you want to get your gun at 3 – 4 a.m. to go hunt, but it’s better than not being able to access it at all.”

Jacob Hogg: “[WSU] is literally one of the top-10 safest campuses in the country, and that’s not because people walk around packing. If you think it is, name the last time an armed student stopped a crime here.”

Sybil FiedlerI’m sorry, but if I’m carrying a gun for protection, what good is it going to do if it’s in a safe?”

Olivia Moseley: “The argument that campus police will get the shooter is so weak. Really, when a mass shooter walks into a lecture hall and shoots, you think the police will get there in time to save people? You’d have to have security in every building on campus all the time.”

Jeffrey Alan Coté: “To everyone out there, I just wish we all could be working toward a future where we can all agree that we don’t need handguns. It’s hard to do that when you keep adding more guns to the equation.”

Kelly Knapp: “You would be surprised by how many people have concealed carry permits, some of these people carry in gun free zones. Have you ever seen a policeman with a gun strapped to his belt? We have all seen them, now think of the times you saw one pull that gun and use it on someone. It’s the same as people around you, they have them but don’t use them until needed. You are welcome for me keeping you and others safe, you can thank me more by joining me, so other innocent people don’t have to die.”

Spencer Stewart: “It is a fantastic resource for students to have! Used it a lot!”

Bo InghamI carried a Glock 19 the entire time I attended WSU. Guess who knew? That’s right. Not a damn soul. That’s the beauty of concealed carry. The bad guy has no idea who has their potential roadblock for their nefarious deeds. It’s good to screw with criminal OODA loops.”