Sophomore moons visiting dads, national audiences at Stanford game

His stunt was broadcasted live on Fox Sports and circulated on the internet


KIERA CLUBB | The Daily Evergreen

Armitage is quickly taken away by officials Saturday at Martin Stadium. Aside from getting arrested for criminal trespassing, Elliott Armitage says he would do it all again.

JACKSON GARDNER, Evergreen reporter

WSU sophomore Elliott Armitage never intended to become an internet sensation. But when he decided to leap the rails of the west end zone at Martin Stadium last Saturday, he fell right into the hearts of the Cougar faithful.

Yes, Armitage is the man who pulled his pants down after WSU took the lead over Stanford University in the second quarter, following a pass from redshirt senior quarterback Luke Falk.

He timed his stunt so all of Fox Sports’ camera crew had no choice but to capture the entire moment. The video of him has circulated the Internet and has over 2 million views from various outlets.

Many news outlets picked up the story, including Sports Illustrated and World Star. Even former NFL player Randy Moss broke down the video on his segment in the show “Monday Night Countdown” on ESPN.

“I couldn’t even believe I hopped [the railing],” Armitage said. “But once I hopped, I had to do something that was going to cement it in there, so I dropped trou and let the fans see the blue boxers.”

There was no preconceived notion that Armitage would hop onto the field that day, he said. He called it a “spur of the moment thing.”

Originally, he had made a $300 bet with several of his friends’ dads to attend all four quarters of the game in only his neon blue boxers and a “ridiculous” fish hat.

Courtesy of Jackson Gardner

Armitage decided to go rogue on the bet in the second quarter of the game when he promised the fans behind him he would jump onto the field if Falk threw a touchdown pass. And sure enough, Falk tossed a 27-yard touchdown on the next play.

In a seat situated close to Armitage stood his friend, and WSU sophomore Hector Cervantes.

“We heard him, but we didn’t think he was actually gonna do it,” Cervantes said with a laugh. “I had to stop for a minute to process what I just saw. But if there was anyone that was gonna do that, it’s Elliott.”

The recipient of Falk’s touchdown pass, redshirt freshman wide receiver Renard Bell, didn’t see Armitage when it happened and found out via Twitter after the game.

“I just got in the locker room and one of my brother’s old teammates had tagged me in a video,” Bell said. “Wow, he really pulled his pants down, too. He already hopped the fence. But I saw the video and it was pretty funny.”

The plan that Armitage briefly ran through his mind before he made the leap was simple: Jump onto the field, pull his pants down to expose his blue boxers, then jump back up to make his escape.

What Armitage did not account for was the field goal net that was raised just seconds after he leaped over the rail, blocking his escape route. The window of time he had to devise a secondary escape route was small.

“I was probably gonna be able to make it,” Armitage said optimistically. “I saw two guards coming to get me, so I darted to the right side, tried to squirm out of one of them, but lost that battle real quick.”

Once he was carried away, Armitage was handcuffed and arrested for first-degree criminal trespassing, according to the WSU Police crime log. Armitage said he has a court date scheduled.

Other than his negligence to the law, Armitage stands by everything he did that day.

“For Wazzu football? F— yeah,” Armitage said. “I bleed crimson and gray. That’s what I do, and you know what? I would do it again.”

Even though Armitage did not make it all four quarters,he said his stunt impressed the dads enough to cough up the money.















Correction: Redshirt freshman wide receiver Renard Bell was misidentified as Renard Bell Jr.