Reader Reactions | You can have your voice heard in The Daily Evergreen

Readers react to a column calling for more representation in The Daily Evergreen’s opinion section. The best way to hear underrepresented voices is for more students to apply.

Jacob Hogg: “Here’s your opportunity. Stop bellyaching and share your opinions, or just shut up and sit down. Either way the comments section would be better off.”

Jess Canterberry: “I agree with what is said. However, someone shouldn’t have to ‘do the job themselves’ to have an unbiased paper. That is kind of a lazy attitude from the current employees.”

Carmen Jaramillo: “It’s not as if the DE has thralls of conservative voices wanting to write for them. This is a small community paper. They can only hire people who apply, so what they want is more people to apply.”

Emerson Michael A Jr: “If I were a student and had to be on campus every day, I would be in much more danger for voicing my conservative opinions than any other more popular demographic protected up there. That is the main issue you are having that keeps anyone who disagrees with the liberal masses from voicing anything.”