Reader Reactions | WSU Board of Regents

WSU Board of Regents approve athletics budget plan, working with student leaders to add new fee for all campuses.

Readers respond to unanimous decision for deficit recovery based on student fees.

Zac Young: “I’ve defended the athletic budget for a while now … but I can’t support doubling student fees and then making them mandatory. I hope the students organize and oppose this.”

Daniel Stuart Hoffman: “That is outrageous. I guess that explains he retreat and closed door meeting, eh? Understandable that they wouldn’t want to face the scrutiny of the people they are making pay for their problems.”

Faith Martian: “Every parent I know is paying tuition…I am well aware of the extra hours I am working to send my kids to college and am not happy paying extra fees for a mismanaged athletics dept.”

Joel Jones: “Obviously they’re counting on the typical internet outrage with little to no actual application against such ridiculous leadership.”

Victoria Stoddard: “These Regents should be kicked out.”