Reader reactions: Students protest missile strike

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Readers react to an article about political organizations on campus protesting President Donald Trump’s attacks on Syria. The College Republicans, Young Democrats and Young Americans for Liberty were represented on Tuesday on the steps of Todd Hall. All three organizations disagreed with the recent airstrikes and are concerned about the U.S.’s involvement in the Middle East.

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Jared Chastain: “To be fair, ‘we’ probably didn’t vote at all because our lord and savior Bernie ‘lost’ to the ‘lesser of two evils.’ ”

Anneliese Zook: “The campus had a fairly large turnout. Whitman county went blue after all. In a sea of red.”

Randy Stillwell: “I wonder if the people of Syria voted to be gassed. I would like to discuss the ‘solution’ the students have … I understand that there is a blue side to college beliefs but really, what would they suggest the U.S. do?”

James Ellis: “If anything, Republicans should be outraged by this, considering Trump ran on an isolationist platform and opposed Obama taking any action in Syria.”

Joel Jones: “Good move, and excellent way to come together for future dialogue on this and other issues of concern. Well done!”