Only thing to change is his title

Joseph Iannelli is the news associate dean of International Programs at WSU.

Joseph Iannelli is the news associate dean of International Programs at WSU.

Joseph Iannelli, the new associate dean for international programs, will be responsible for managing student exchange programs and international research collaboration, adding to his continued responsibilities as the founding director of the WSU Tri-Cities School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“Students inspire me with their plans for the future, ambitions, enthusiasm, willingness to do hard work and determination to succeed,” he said. “I wish to contribute to the students by offering the opportunities to help them realize their dreams.”

Iannelli said his most cherished accomplishment has been seeing his students’ success. He also said creating international relationships is key to creating a peaceful environment between countries.

Iannelli has established an international double master degree program in collaboration with an institution in Switzerland. It is a cohort-based program with Swiss and American students studying together for two years, with the first year spent entirely in Switzerland and the second year spent in the U.S. At the end of the program, the students will receive two master’s degrees, one from WSU and one from the Swiss University, Iannelli said.

“My vision for the [Voiland] College of Engineering and Architecture, in terms of international programs, is to establish the conditions that would allow each and every student to complete at least one international experience before they graduate,” he said.

Iannellis said it is important to capitalize on the age opportunity of students, allowing them to experience new cultures and countries before they get tied down with adult commitments, such as raising a family. By taking advantage of these opportunities, students will get a taste of the international world before they begin their careers, he said.

“It is beautiful to make new friends and … it is all the more important for our students in different countries to get to know one another better in order to decrease the level of strife in the world,” he said.

Iannelli has been a contributor within the international programs realm for quite some time and has garnered support and respect from his colleagues. His responsibilities have been similar to what he is doing now, with the only major difference being his new title, he said.

Iannelli said it is his goal to educate students and give them opportunities to achieve their dreams. He said he feels grateful to be in a position where he can continue to help students.

“Needless to say I feel most delighted and honored to be given the formal position of associate dean,” Iannelli said. “I am grateful to Dean Bender and former Dean Claiborn, Provost Bernardo and President Schulz for their trust in me.”