Reader Reactions: Citizens push for sanctuary city at council meeting

Students and Democrats in Pullman argued to make Pullman a sanctuary city and not to support President Trump’s executive order at a City Council meeting on Feb. 1. Keyla Palominos, an undocumented student, testified in support of making Pullman a sanctuary city and protecting Muslims. The council members were unable to make a decision at the meeting but said they would review requests. Also at the meeting, Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston proposed adding a $25 student fee to undergraduate tuition to pay for ambulance rides.

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Andrew Bodenstein: “The 10th amendment has been repeatedly backed up by the courts to mean that the feds cannot force the states to do their (the feds) job for them. This means immigration, which is a federal issue, has no legal basis to force any city or state to help. We have every right to not help Trump with his order, nor should we. Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean he’s above the law. The states are not constitutionally required to help with immigration measures. That’s all there is to it.”

Jake Bieber: “No, but they can attach stipulations to federal funds to influence the local government, like when federal highway funds required a minimum state drinking age of 21.”

J.j. Strissokes: “I’m a Coug as are my friends, and… No, we don’t support those breaking the law and abusing the freedoms OUR country provides. It’s not an anarchy. It’s democracy in the greatest civilization in the history of mankind.”

Emerson Michael A Jr: “Neither WSU nor the city of Pullman would last six months without the funding both will lose if you clowns F around. Construction funding alone is hundreds of millions a year. Education welfare has to be much more.”

Bryan Fry: “It’s too bad you don’t know any of our undocumented students or you might have more compassion. The student who spoke at the council meeting is going to be somebody – she is fearless, articulate and smart as hell – and I will not allow anyone to force her from our campus, let alone any of our students.”

Jean-Paul Strozewski: “The majority of Americans did not vote for him and the same goes for the majority of Washingtonians and the same goes for the majority of Whitman County. Just so you know…”