Reader reactions: Fee would take place of ambulance rides for students

Readers react to Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston proposing a $25 ambulance fee to undergraduate tuition to the Pullman City Council. Before the fee is passed, the City Council and students would have to vote on it. This fee would be the first of its kind and would not be on this year’s ASWSU ballot to ensure the fee is legal. This fee is supposed to combat the ambulance rides WSU students take and for which they do not pay. Students would need to present their student IDs to get their ambulance fees waived. Heston hopes to have this fee in place by fall 2018.

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Connor Scott: “Why doesn’t PFD sell off the debt to a collections agency instead of consigning it for a fixed percentage? Guaranteed, instant recuperation that way, and it pays much more than $25 on the debt. Oh, it’s because they want students to carry the burden of those who refuse to pay their own bills, and they’re banking on the fact that a small minority of students use ambulatory services each semester.”

Bryce Park: “I would happily use $25 of my dollars a year to make sure I (or another Coug) doesn’t get stuck with a huge ambulance bill. Seems a fairly small price to pay for peace of mind and solid funding of a fire department that puts a lot of resources into caring for WSU students.”