Reader reactions: WSU officials react to Trump’s executive order banning Muslims

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Readers react to WSU President Kirk Shulz’s tweet regarding an action plan in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order banning people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from entering the country. Shulz’s tweet was a response to Ph.D. graduate student Gabrielle Pastenkos asking what the WSU community could do to help community members who have been affected by the ban. U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D), of Washington, issued a statement saying the ban is unconstitutional and it would likely be tried in federal courts.

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Drew Perry Wilson: “Dear WSU Republicans. Please be ever mindful that. 1. You are currently on Native Land. To me you’re an immigrant. 2. You represent WSU now, I represented WSU while I was a student and now as an alumni. We are Cougs, which automatically makes us family. So why go down a divisive road where you know you stand on the wrong side of history. I hope that your fellow students document your Trump devotion so that in the future we will ALL remember your narrow and racist views.”

Connor Scott: “Supporting the President of the United States does not make somebody a racist, nor narrow-minded. If you’re going to issue indictments against conservative students for being divisive, perhaps try to not be divisive in painting all of us with a broad brush.”

Nick Clemens: “Republicans are ‘racist’? Talk about a vast generalization that is nowhere near being conclusive fact. Very ironic how you attempted to correlate Republicans as having “narrow and racist” views when everything about your post was extremely narrow minded and far from factual. Go COUGS.”

Kristen Rinehart Trott: “Let’s not be surprised by misrepresentation in the press and then of course all those jumping on the misinformation bandwagon. This, of course, includes The Daily Evergreen as always. Let’s actually check some facts on who is banned. They are citizens of countries that are a threat that are being excluded, not of a specific religion. These countries were named by Obama and the action is being made now by Trump. How quick people are to call names and get so mad.”