S&A Committee holds second-day budget meeting

Groups in attendance include UREC, Access Center, SEB, CWS



The S&A Committee gathered Wednesday at the Lighty building. The committee discussed organizations’ budget status during the second meeting on Thursday.

BENJAMIN WHITE, Evergreen reporter

*This article was updated to clarify the budget council review requests and not Senate programming.

The Services and Activities Fees Committee heard from nine student organizations on their budget status Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Lighty Student Services Building.

Each organization presented how they were using and budgeting money they received from the S&A funds committee in the spring and how they were advertising the use of S&A funds.

“[S&A meetings] help because there we got a lot of different groups that use S&A funds in different ways and so the fall presentations really allow the committee members to learn more about groups and really understand the organization before the spring meeting,” said ASWSU President Quinton Berkompas.

Graduate assistants Haylee Halkovic and Julius Rock, programming director Joanne Greene and Lorie Druffel, assistant director of financial services, presented the budget status of the University Recreation Center.

The UREC requested $1,652,039 and was given $1,555,222 from the S&A funds committee.

Halkovic said $18,000 of the funding they did not receive would have gone toward wheelchairs to be used for wheelchair sports.

The UREC would have matched the S&A funds and they would have purchased a total of 12 chairs, she said. They plan on repeating the request in the spring.

The WSU Access Center represented by Jane Cooper, president of the Disabled Students and Allies Club, Access Advisor Davi Kallman and assistant director Rochelle Dach. In the spring they requested $19,500 in S&A funds and received $19,000.

Kallman said one of the services provided by the access center is the annual Disability Awareness Symposium, which takes place in the Spring. This year Wesley Hamilton from Queer Eye will be present and the focus of the Symposium will be on inclusive fitness and sport.

Asha Johnson, chair for the Coalition of Women Students, Sajeena Jebanathan, program leader for Coug Safe Rides, Women*s Center Director Amy Sharp and Program Coordinator Iris Alatorre presented the budget for the Coalition for Women Students.

CWS requested $212,320 from the S&A fee committee and was granted $188,955 in funding.

Johnson said CWS is made up of six different womxn and queer groups focusing on issues that affect their communities. Those groups provide a variety of services including Coug Safe Rides.

Director of Spotlight Madison Arpin, SEB advisor Devin Mendenhall, RSO student ambassador Amanda Krieger and Brian Shuffield, executive director for Student Involvement, presented on behalf of the Student Entertainment Board.

SEB requested $472,062 and was granted $455,808 by the S&A committee, which left a shortfall of about $16,000.

A committee member asked if SEB intended to increase prices for events they host.

Mendenhall said they would have to cancel events to make up the deficit because increasing fees would cause fewer students to attend the events and lead to decreased revenue.

Shuffield and Krieger also presented on behalf of Student involvement, which Krieger said includes GPSA, SEB and ASWSU.

Shuffield said Student Involvement requested $944,632 and the S&A fee committee granted them $933,778

“At the RSO office we deal with about 400 organizations and so it’s all registered student orgs from hammock club to education departmental clubs,” Krieger said.

Among the presentations given were several for ASWSU, in which Berkompas and other ASWSU members recused themselves from questioning.

Berkompas said they recused themselves to prevent a conflict of interest in deciding where the funds are allocated.

ASWSU Senate Pro-Tempore Hannah Martian and Grace Hendrickson, ASWSU administrative chief of staff and finance, gave presentations for three different ASWSU entities: Senate, Executive and Senate Programming.

Martian said the ASWSU senate requested $118,575 and the senate programming requested $379,328. Both groups received the full amount.

The Budget Council, which is composed of the ASWSU Senate Finance and internal committees does much of the same work the S&A committee does, by reviewing S&A funds requests from nearly 20 other student organizations, compiling them and presenting the request to the S&A funds committee, she said.

Hendrickson said the ASWSU Executive Staff requested $273,042 and received $262,539.

Venice Guillory-Lacy spoke on behalf of the GPSA Senate, which requested $576,690 and received the full amount.

Guillory-Lacy said the services provided by the GPSA Senate include dissertation scholarships, travel and registration grants and childcare for postgraduate students.

Berkompas said in the spring, the S&A Committee will two planning meetings and a town hall where students will be able to voice their opinions on the allocation of S&A funds.