Indonesian Coffee Hour presents three traditional games

PERMIAS is an Indonesian Student Association at WSU that hopes to have some fun playing traditional Indonesian games while making connections with students.

Sj Alarimi, the International Center event planner, explains that this coffee hour will allow students the opportunity to experience a different culture.

This event will allow students to open their eyes and minds, Alarimi said.

Fainmarinat Inabuy, PERMIAS Indonesian Student Association President, wants to use traditional Indonesian games to create a fun atmosphere that will allow relationships to form.

“Games are a way to make a bridge between cultures,” Inabuy said. “By doing something fun, we can build relationships and connections.”

Inabuy hopes that Indonesian games will allow students to find interest in learning more about Indonesian culture and traditions.

“Indonesian Student Association promotes mutual understanding about different cultures,” Inabuy said.

Michael Sibarani, one of the Indonesian Coffee Hour speakers, explains that Indonesian children created these games to find entertainment in their spare time, unlike American children who often find entertainment through the internet.

“They have the internet almost all over the place (in America),” Sibarani said, “but in our country, we don’t have that kind of distribution for the internet.”

Sibarani explains that they will introduce eight games, three of which the attendees will be able to play. The three games include Dragon Snake, Mouse and Cat and a game that uses a jumping rope, Sibarani said.

“We try to make it as fun as possible,” Alarimi said, “It’s more like a comfy setting, everyone is just laid back.”

Sibarani mentioned that the winner of the three games will be awarded with Indonesian noodles. The Indonesian Coffee Hour will begin at 3 p.m. today in Global Scholars Hall. Indonesian coffee refreshments will be served.