Guest column: College Republicans strive to make WSU great again

Over the past year, WSU College Republicans have been the subject of quite a bit of discussion.

Protesters at our events have called us “Nazis” for supporting Donald Trump.

Bitter former club presidents have accused me, as club president, of being a “fear monger” that has “hijacked” the direction of the Republican party.

And yet, as of two weeks ago, College Republicans hosted the largest political club meeting of this entire decade at WSU.

We are seeing unprecedented interest in our events, unprecedented requests to get involved and unprecedented support from the student body.

This phenomenon is not occurring only on WSU’s campus.

Over 100 campuses across the country have organized Students for Trump chapters in the past few months, and have hosted hundreds of events that have reached tens of thousands of students.

College Republicans at the University of Washington are drawing more attention than ever before for their willingness to take on their school’s administration and stand firm for free speech on campus.

Why is this happening? I believe that conservative and conservative-leaning students, at WSU and across the country, are tired of being bullied.

We are tired of being called “racists” for saying we need to build a border wall, or being told to “kill (ourselves)” for disagreeing politically with the left.

Both of those examples are from my past week alone.

Students across the country are tired of “safe space” culture.

We are tired of being told that innocuous jokes and common language can potentially be “triggering” or “non-inclusive.”

Thanks to the internet, students across the country get to see the silliness of rampant Social Justice Warrior (SJW) culture on a daily basis.

Some recent examples: boisterous Black Lives Matter protesters at University of Washington occupying and disrupting the library during studying for finals week, California State University offering segregated housing for black students, and students at University of Massachusetts being told that Harambe memes were banned because they could be potentially offensive.

Even at WSU, students in the soft sciences or humanities can expect to learn in at least one class that society’s problems are primarily the fault of white males.

This pervasive creep of SJW culture, which has seemingly found its way into every facet of society, is exactly why so many people – young and old – are saying “screw it, I’m voting Trump.”

With this in mind, students can expect great things from WSU College Republicans this year.

We can guarantee that no group on campus will be fighting for free speech as hard as us.

We have several events in the works – including a mock Trump Wall (a la UW) and talk hosted by notorious safe space violator Milo Yiannopoulos – all of which are sure to be informative, engaging and the subject of conversation.

If you are a conservative, a nationalist, a libertarian, an independent, or just someone looking for a good time with good people who are unafraid to be a little bit politically incorrect, you know where to look.

College Republicans is here, and we welcome everyone who wants to help “Make WSU Great Again.”