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Researchers housing big, bang energy

This is one of the huge particle detectors in the Large Hadron Collider, a 17 mile-long tunnel under the French-Swiss border. They're searching for evidence of what happened right after- and perhaps before- the Big Bang. (European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN)/MCT)

By MINNA LEE | Evergreen reporter

January 28, 2015

Science fiction tells tales of humans transcending space and time to discover new worlds and establish colonies among the stars. A group of Washington State researchers is learning to harness antimatter energy in hopes of blurring that line between fact and fiction.Antimatter is a convoluted subject o...

Keep internet open and free

Timeline of rules and court decisions on net neutrality. MCT 2014

Kathryn Anderson| Evergreen Columnist

November 13, 2014

On Monday, President Obama released a video in favor of open internet, urging the FCC to do all in its power to keep the internet open to everyone. Because the internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives, it should be protected so that all are given the equal opportunity to useThis is a...

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