On the hunt for the best treat

One columnist reviews Walmart treats; find best Valentine’s Day goodies



White cake with rose decor with perfect consistency of frosting.


Every Valentine’s Day, the stores are flooded with pink and red heart-shaped treats. I was anxious to try the mini treats at Walmart to see if they were worth the hype of the holiday.

Mini White Cake

The first baked good I tried was a mini white cake with white frosting and little rose adornments. The cake is big enough for four people to eat. The frosting on this cake was so soft. It wasn’t the thick frosting that a lot of stores stick to as a standard. I could not have been happier with the texture and moisture of the cake.


Marshmallow Treat

The second treat I tried was “Marshmallow Treats,” which resembled Rice Krispy Treats. But they had white, purple, and red sprinkles on them. These were not good at all. They were a bit chemically and the sprinkles were too hard with the soft treat.


Mini Cupcakes

The third treat I tried was mini cupcakes with Valentine’s Day sprinkles. These were little and you could eat them in a single bite. They were pretty yummy, but the frosting was fairly sweet. They would be good for a tea party or an afternoon snack.


Heart-shaped Sugar Cookies

The last treat I tried was the heart-shaped sugar cookies with granulated pink sugar on top. The cookie crumbled at the perfect consistency and the sugar on top added a nice texture.


My favorite treat was the white cake, and my least favorite was the marshmallow treats. If you are looking for a yummy treat for your significant other, check out local grocery stores for the perfect Valentine’s Day (and after) treats.