Not strangers

Perfect game to get to know people; three levels make this game a great ice breaker



We’re not really strangers is the perfect game to get to know your friends and significant others


We’re not really strangers, at least, that is what this game claims. It is a card game that can be played anywhere, with anyone, and with any number of people. This is not only a game but a brand about self-love and connection.

This game has three levels in the main deck: Perception, Connection and Reflection.

In Perception, the questions are fairly surface level and pertain to first impressions and appearance. Some sample questions are, “Do you think plants thrive or die in my care?” and “What does my phone wallpaper tell you about me?” These questions help to begin the conversation and reveal things about one another.

The second level is Connection. Some sample questions of this section are, “What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in that wasn’t physical?” and “How would you describe the feeling of being in love in one word?” These questions will bring you and the person you are playing with much closer and give you an opportunity to look deeper into the heart of one another.

The last level is Reflection. Some sample questions of this section are, “What do you think I should know about myself that I am perhaps unaware of?” and “What do you think I fear the most?” These will allow you to reflect on what you learned about one another in the perception and connection stages. At the end of this game, you and whoever you play this with will feel a link that wasn’t there before and hopefully be able to understand each other on an even deeper level.

I love this game because it gets to the nitty-gritty of who people are and what they value. There are various extension decks for dating, breakups and self-reflection. To sample the decks, you can visit or you can buy the main deck for $25 at

If you have played this game or will in the future, comment on your experiences below!