Leditor: Opinion welcomes your ideas

Opinion editor encourages ideas from Daily Evergreen readers


As a mid-semester — dare I say midterm — check in with our readers, I am writing you all a letter of encouragement. We love writing about our interests, but we would also love to hear from you all. 

It is quite easy to have an opinion about something, but how great would it be to have that opinion published in a printed newspaper?

We are in search of inspiration. We write for ourselves, but we also write for our readers. It is very important to me as an editor to engage our readers with compelling content.

I have been very pleased with how this semester has been going for the opinion section. But before we can hand out any awards to my awesome staff, I would love to hear what our readers have to say.

Are there any topics you would like to read about that we might not have covered yet? Maybe some topics we have covered that need more depth? Fear not, as I am only one email away!

My columnists and I have been trying to search for very relevant, very important topics that could use some coverage throughout this semester. We have also explored some light-hearted topics, along with some satire.

We are working on our range, so it’s very necessary to have coverage on whether Cheez-Its are better than Goldfish, or national issues like the Capitol Insurrection. But along with these fun and compelling reads, we would also like to explore more ideas from our readers, alongside our own.

Whether it’s a WSU Pullman campus-related issue, or a local, statewide or national issue, we want to cover as much as we can with the little time we have in the semester. We just need a little push from you all. No topic is really off-limits when it comes to opinion journalism, so pitch me your wonders and your ideas.

Email me at [email protected]! I am excited to hear from you all.