ASWSU looks foolish


ASWSU should do some more research before passing a resolution purporting to speak for all students, and especially when that resolution slams a well-respected University department.

The ASWSU resolution is solely based on the words of disgruntled employees and their friends, and not on a clear analysis of the facts and a levelheaded discussion of what is best for the students of WSU. This stance is in no way indicative of the facts, and ASWSU should consider overturning this resolution and speaking with officials from the Department of Residence Life.

You can bet that their side of this issue is a bit more thought out than this resolution, seeing as they have to abide by the laws of the state of Washington and comply with University regulations. In the future, I hope that the student representatives will not believe everything they hear and will do the proper research before speaking for the entire school in saying that one of the most important departments on campus is corrupt.

I hope that the ASWSU executives will step up and make this right because the Senate has clearly failed in its duties.

Alex Falcon

WSU Alumni