Reaffirming healthy habits

Dozens of booths promoting dental hygiene, safe sex, exercise and additional healthy lifestyle habits were manned by various company representatives at the Coug Health Fair Thursday in the Senior Ballroom.

The event was a part of the Coug Health Week. Several of the attending companies and organizations were familiar to students, such as Green Dot and Health and Wellness. But there were also representatives from businesses outside of campus like doTerra, Costco and Nature’s Way Dentistry.

“We’re trying to get our name out there … It’s important for students to have good health and to encourage students and our patients to prevent cavities and raise awareness about how dental health effects your overall health,” said Janelle Mooney, Nature’s Way Dentistry representative. “We use a preventative approach and incorporate massages and aroma therapy.”

doTerra focuses on special natural oils that can be used as a surface cleaner and a hand sanitizer to protect against illnesses.

The health fair offered a trick-or-treating experience. Guests were able to collect several treats and goodies from various stands throughout the ballroom as they learned about making healthy choices. Tickets were also distributed so that guests could enter into a drawing for prizes, such as a Samsung Tablet, yoga mat and an Outdoor Recreation Center kayak trip.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center transformed the back of the ballroom into a mini blood drive center, giving guests the opportunity to donate blood.

The Cougar Health Awareness Team also had a table at the event to help individuals understand their personal health and lifestyle.

“College is a time when a lot of us abandon our healthy habits that our parents instilled on us. It’s easier to get into less healthy habits like not eating right,” said Natalia Potapova, WSU Health and Wellness behavioral health representative. “This fair is a reminder that there are resources out there to help us keep up on our healthy habits or, if you haven’t, to learn how to start making them.”

As a part of Coug Health Week, the fair aimed to encourage students to make improvements to their dietary habits, maintain an active lifestyle and learn about the programs available to help them in all aspects of health, ranging from mental to physical health.

“It’s good to raise awareness about all the services that can be accessed that students don’t know about,” said Deborah O’Connell from the WSU Psychology Clinic.