Back to school laptop DIY

Learn how to make your laptop look unique to avoid loss, theft, confusion


As we prepare for the first in-person classes we’ve had in a year and a half, we can finally start to update what’s in our backpack and get new school supplies. 

As we start to go to classes again, it will be easier to lose important things, such as our laptops. 

We can easily make our laptops into something unique, which will make it more identifiable if it gets lost, or even stolen. That can be done by decorating it with stickers. 


There are multiple places to buy stickers or decals for a cheap price. Whether it’s individually or in a pack, picking out stickers that match your vibe and personality is a fun way to prepare for school. 

I got a pack of stickers online and set aside some stickers I thought would look good on my new laptop. 

Of course, I had to make sure they matched. I made a collection of green, blue and light purple colored stickers with a couple of other bright colors. 

That is just my own style, though. You could match red, orange and yellow. There is also the option of pink and purple, or maybe you could match the color of your laptop. 


Not only can you match the colors of your stickers, but you can also have a good time with the shapes and designs of each sticker. 

I feel like the way I decorated my laptop gave it a summer vibe with stickers including a van, some sunglasses, a turtle and a Ferris wheel. 

There are many other ways to make your laptop give off a summer vibe depending on what color scheme you chose, except maybe black and gray. 

You can match the vibe of your stickers to whatever speaks to you. You could give off autumn vibes, or something that matches your personality so well, it’s almost as if it’s an inanimate version of you. 

Of course, you don’t have to match a certain type of vibe at all. If you really want to, you can just find a bunch of stickers you like and throw them on your laptop.

Putting Them On

Don’t just put the stickers on right away. You should set them where you think they might look good, and if you don’t like where you placed them, make some changes. 

This will help you get a good view of the final layout, and you might even realize you don’t like how a sticker looks next to another one. 

Whenever I plan out what stickers I want, I place them where I want them, then go do something and come back. This gives me time to actually think about whether I want those specific stickers on my laptop.

Of course, I take this very seriously. If you feel confident in putting your stickers on right away, go ahead and do your thing.

Other Options 

If you don’t want to put stickers on your laptop to keep the new, fresh look, there are other ways to make it identifiable. 

There are so many different laptop covers on Amazon and Etsy, and you can find one within your budget that matches whatever vibe you are looking for. 

You can get a cool design or just a solid color if you’re looking for something simple. Whatever catches your eye will be a good fit for your laptop. 

I found one on Amazon I really like, and another on Etsy I found interesting.