Halloween sucks

Only one day is worse than Mondays



Call me the Grinch of Halloween, but I wish we could skip October and jump straight to Christmas.

SYDNEY DOWNING, Evergreen columnist

A random Tuesday can be enjoyed more than the 31st of October.

As a child, Halloween used to be so exciting; dressing up as our favorite characters, getting candy from teachers at school and spending the night with friends going door to door with the famous “Trick-or-Treat.”

As college students, this is now the one day a year where most students look forward to changing their identity for the night and partying.

Junior marketing major, Emily Luetke, ranks Halloween as one of her top holidays.

“It ties back into good childhood memories of Halloween,” Luetke said. “It’s a way for people to express themselves and get together with friends.”

However, it is not as simple as just dressing up as someone else. Weeks go into planning intricate and pricey costumes to just end up wearing them in a dirty fraternity basement.

I would rather spend that money on a million other things: going shopping, getting a coffee or even purchasing a new plant.

Junior finance major, Cameron Smith, never understood the excitement of Halloween as a child. But since high school, he has found joy in the day.

“Last year, back in my hometown, high school friends and I got together to celebrate Halloween,” Smith said. “It was the first time where Halloween was a really good experience.”

Maybe my opinion is so harsh due to the lack of having an absolutely outstanding Halloween as an adult, but I have experienced more than enough of the day itself.

“I love the feeling of this time of year,” Luetke said. “Pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, scary theme parks and watching old Halloween movies with friends.”

The festivities leading up to the big day, I admit, are enjoyable. I participated this year by painting a cow pumpkin for the porch of my apartment. 

But Oct. 31 is just not what it used to be. Memories of my mom and I putting up elaborate decorations and getting ready to trick-or-treat always made me so happy about the season. 

Now, being older, it seems dreadful because I rather save my excitement and money to decorate for the Christmas season. 

Additionally, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. Do you know what I do on Sundays? Prepare to reduce as much stress as I possibly can for the upcoming 8 a.m. Monday accounting class. 

If you need a better way to spend this horrible day, I will be eating my stash of Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups and watching a good scary movie.

“[To try to enjoy it,] think about not being too caught up in the social aspect of it,” Smith said.

Maybe that is my whole issue with the day itself. I have turned into a human who enjoys her own company more than draining my social battery out with friends.

If I wanted to go out with friends, I could do that any other day of the year. So why is there so much pressure to celebrate this day in college?

Maybe I am just the Grinch of Halloween, but I am not able to fully understand this holiday’s importance to anyone.

At least for the winter holiday seasons, the music is amazing and uplifting. Mariah Carrie’s “What I Want for Christmas” will be playing on the 31st, preparing me for the actual best time of the year.

Halloween just sucks, and you cannot change my mind on it.