WSU Police give advice for upcoming snow days

Three noninjury car accidents occurred Monday, police captain says



WSU Police responded to several snow-related calls Monday after 2-3 inches fell that day.


As the snow begins to stick in Pullman, people need to prepare for slick roads and other snow-related obstacles.

WSU Police Cpt. Mike Larsen said there were three noninjury snow-related accidents on campus Monday. There were no injury-related accidents. 

Larsen said WSU PD received four calls about cars stuck in the snow, and officers went to help push them out. 

People tend to be caught off guard when it starts to snow, he said. People are not prepared and some are not used to driving in snow or do not have proper tires. 

Being caught off guard affects how many snow-related accidents occur, he said. Accidents are also more likely to occur if people are rushing somewhere. 

“We respond to quite a few accidents when it snows 2 or 3 inches,” he said. “We’re always prepared to go out and help. The staff members that drive the plows do a pretty good job clearing the roads and getting the roads ready for students, staff and faculty.”

Larsen said it is important to have winter tires when driving. Walking or taking public transit are also options.

It is vital to take time to scrape the snow off every window of a car when preparing to leave, he said. Drivers should leave at least 15 minutes earlier than normal to give themselves time to drive slowly and be aware of their surroundings. 

“You just have to be more cautious when it snows and be prepared and make sure you have winter tires,” Larsen said.