Ask Emma: How do I meet people in Pullman?

Join class Discord to meet other students; try blind dating if you want romantic connection



There are multiple ways to meet new people in Pullman, whether it be through virtual or in-person means.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor

Dear Emma,

I am feeling really lonely this semester. I would love to meet more people in Pullman/at WSU, but I’m not sure how. I only know a few people in my classes and extracurriculars.

How do I meet more friends — and maybe even a significant other?

Thanks for your help,

Lonely in Pullman

Dear Lonely in Pullman,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way. The pandemic has been really isolating, and feeling like you don’t have many close friends can only make that feeling worse. 

My first thought is really more of a warning: You’re going to have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, even if you are already outgoing. Meeting people who share your interests can be really fun and rewarding, but it also will require you to invest some time and energy into finding those people. 

Do you have any people who you see in multiple classes? That would be a great opportunity to introduce yourself. Feel free to use those classes as an icebreaker before asking about their other interests. 

Another option is to start a class Discord, GroupMe or other chat platform. Offer to add people. You can even use the discussion feature on Canvas to ask people about forming a study group. This is another great way to meet folks that involves a little less in-person interaction. 

If you have time for additional extracurriculars, consider branching out from what you are already part of. Do you have an interest that aligns with one of the clubs at WSU? You can try to start an organization if you don’t see one that interests you!

You can also attend big campus events, like the Student Entertainment Board up-all-nights or move nights. See if you recognize anyone and go introduce yourself!

If you’re looking for more of a romantic connection, an easy option is to try a dating app. If that’s not your speed, you could consider going on a blind date. Ask a friend who is in a relationship (or who knows a lot of people) to set you up with someone. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully you can consider them as a new friend. 

I applaud you for wanting to put yourself out there a little more. Meeting people is hard, but you got this!

Best of luck,