Wildlife of the Week: Red-eyed tree frog

Frog species nonvenomous, lives around rainforest ponds



A Red-eyed tree frog sits on a large leaf in Costa Rica, Dec. 26, 2021.


The red-eyed tree frog is an iconic and flamboyant ambassador of Costa Rica. Although it is found throughout Central America, its largest populations live in the trees of Costa Rica, according to govisitcostarica.com.

The species is often used to represent rainforest habitats in media — those who remember Rainforest Cafe might also remember their mascot being a member of this species. This famous amphibian is not venomous, nor is it poisonous like another family of famous Costa Rican frogs, the poison dart frogs, according to National Geographic.

Only about the size of a teacup, these frogs tend to spend their days sleeping on the underside of large leaves around rainforest ponds. Once night falls, the frogs wake up, move to the top side of the leaves and begin to croak loudly. This fills the forest with a chorus of calls and responses.