Daylon’s Daily: the season finale 

Hicks now prepares for outdoor meets



Daylon Hicks jumps over the 6-foot-4 bar on Jan. 14 at The Podium in Spokane.

DAYLON HICKS, Evergreen reporter

Difficult — the main word to describe my 2021-22 indoor season.

From dealing with a toe injury throughout the season to losing my groove, this is the meet I was anxious for the most. Going into the meet, I knew it would close the book on the lessons I have learned throughout the season.

I felt that I was improving each practice prior to the meet, jumping as high as 6-feet-10-inches. I stayed focused on the meet all week long, as I had worked ahead in classes the week before. In general, getting ahead with assignments builds my confidence and helps me do better in school and in life.

On Thursday, the team made the five-hour drive to Seattle for the Pac-12 Indoor Track and Field Invitational. This meet would be a preview of the Pac-12 Outdoor Championships coming in the near future.

As I drove with my fellow teammate to the bus, my mind was focused on enjoying the trip ahead because I would not jump until Saturday afternoon. The sights on the road were beautiful, with icy mountains and lots of wildlife.

When we finally arrived, it was around 5 p.m. and hunger was the first thought that ran through my mind. Eating different assortments of Asian food with my roommate, Mitch Jacobson, was a highlight of the trip.

Friday came along and I was stormed with unexpected quizzes and classwork. However, I buckled down and focused on the material I needed to do. Taking one of my midterms and doing decently well boosted my confidence for my upcoming jumps.

As the day rolled into night, I headed toward relaxation and felt ice-cold as the air conditioner provided my body with shivers. I felt my shivers turn to energy as the thoughts of me clearing over the bar rushed my body, gaining inspiration to do well.

With meet day arriving at last, I was focused and in a mellow mindset, since I was not set to jump until the afternoon. I walked around the hotel and ate breakfast to get myself focused for the day ahead.

We entered Dempsey Indoor and I captured the full essence of Pac-12 track and field. All the schools representing the conference were there and provided me with motivation, telling me that I deserved to be there. We started competition at 1 p.m. and I was doing warm up jumps at 6-feet-4-inches. The nerves then rushed in.

When the competition finished, I had reached 6-feet-6-inches. I feel I am in a good position for the upcoming outdoor season, ready to jump higher heights.

This meet provided me with what I needed on the track and gave me confidence in the classroom and the work I am involved in. I learned how to stay humble with my toe injury, showing myself that I can deal with adversity.

I believe the outdoor season will bring ups and downs, but I know I will succeed because of what I went through during the indoor season.