A fresh cut on Grand Avenue

The Bowtie Studio offers a welcoming environment for haircuts, treatments, highlights



Douglas Wilson prepares for an appointment with a client at The Bowtie Studio on March 23, 2022.


The Bowtie Studio is a small hair salon run by an individual who is known as the “Bow-Tie Guy” by his clients. 

Owner Douglas Wilson never anticipated he would go into cosmetology until he stepped foot into a beauty school and decided that was what he could see himself pursuing. 

“The Bowtie Studio is kind of my signature of who I am,” Wilson said. “I wear a bowtie every day to work, and I am in one 24/7.”

Men’s fashion is very limited, so wearing different colored bow ties and shirts was always Wilson’s way of expressing his individuality, he said. 

Wilson was originally planning on getting a mathematics degree with an emphasis in calculus and statistics to become a teacher, he said. But when it came time to graduate high school and look into college, it was too expensive. 

He graduated high school in 2017 and attended Mr. Leon’s School of Hair Design in Moscow where he earned his cosmetology degree. 

July 1, 2021, was The Bowtie Studio’s opening day, which is located inside Simply Nails on South Grand Avenue. 

“I have always worked with really phenomenal salons and really phenomenal stylists,” he said. “But every good thing does have cons, and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.”

The goal of opening the small studio was so Wilson could have the independence and freedom to do the hair he wanted and have control of his schedule with clients.

Wilson has been able to create an environment in his studio where he could embrace himself fully and match it to his perfect vibe, he said.

The interior of the studio gives off a minimalist, boho, clean and simple feel with lots of greenery, Wilson said.

The Bowtie Studio is a full-service salon that provides coloring, haircuts and various treatments. His primary focus on hair education is blonde highlights and hair permanents, he said. 

A majority of his clients come from word-of-mouth recommendations, he said. His preferred method of marketing is the shared experience from one client to the next. 

He enjoys having guests sit down in his chair and loves connecting with them to create a bond, Wilson said. 

“I create more of a community where we all know each other and we’re all friends and well-versed rather than just strangers,” he said. 

Right now the business is focused on growing and making sure guests leave with the best hair they can possibly have, feeling revived and refreshed, he said.

“Once we have kind of plateaued and settled and things kind of relax for a minute,” Wilson said. “We’re going to start focusing on the dream to open a bigger studio.”