WSU’s literary journal hits shelves next week

LandEscapes to hold first release party in person since 2019



WSU’s LandEscapes will hold a release party for this year’s edition of the literary journal next Wednesday at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

GABRIELLE FELICIANO, Evergreen life editor

WSU’s LandEscapes will hold a release party for this year’s edition of the literary journal next Wednesday.

LandEscapes is hosting the release party on Wednesday at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. The doors to the event will open at 5 p.m., with the party and ceremony running from 5:30-6:30 p.m. In addition to obtaining a copy of LandEscapes’ latest edition, partygoers will have the opportunity to get free books, win prizes and view art by other WSU students on display.

This will be the first release party LandEscapes has held in person since 2019.

“The release party is when LandEscapes celebrates the printing of the edition of the journal for that year. It’s about recognizing all the hard work that the editors and contributors and artists did for the journal,” LandEscapes editor-in-chief Allyson Pang said. “I think being there to support other artists, meet other artists, and talk with people who love art and expressing themselves creatively is really important for people — even if you’re not an artsy person.”

Pang said that LandEscapes used to hold the release party in the Atrium, but for the first time, LandEscapes is collaborating with both the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and other creative organizations on campus to put it together. Said organizations include Harpy*s Magazine, Luxe Magazine, Blood Orange Review and the Student Socialist Organization, all of whom will also be attending the party.

“Now that more people know about us, I want to be able to help other groups like Harpy*s and Luxe be more known on campus,” Pang said. “If you go to this release party, you’ll have the opportunity to meet not only other artsy students but also other creative organizations you can be a part of.”

Pang said that LandEscapes, like several of the aforementioned organizations, is a student-run organization that publishes both undergraduate and graduate work. LandEscapes is open to anything and everything creative, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography and even music.

This year, the LandEscapes staff of about 20 members worked with over 50 different contributors to produce the journal’s latest edition. Pang said that LandEscapes usually prints several hundred journals per year, and they did so this year as well.

The release party is free to attend, and LandEscapes’ journals will be free as well.

“LandEscapes is all about being able to uplift student voices and having people be heard with their creative voice, or whatever their artistic expression is,” Pang said. “We want them to have a platform for that.”