Pullman Police Chief gives lifesaving awards to citizen, Moscow officer

Council chooses final redistricting map for consideration, hears Palouse Discovery Science center presentation

MOLLY WILK, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins presented lifesaving awards to a citizen and Moscow officer at Tuesday night’s Pullman City Council meeting. 

Kevin Armentrout was awarded for helping save an individual attempting to take their own life on a bridge on Terre View Drive.

Moscow Police Officer Mitch Nunes was awarded for responding to the September 2021 College Hill shooting.

Jenkins presented a motion seeking authorization with WSU to partially fund the City of Pullman and Crime Scence Investigation Lab partnership. This funding will benefit not just the Pullman community but smaller police departments across the country, he said. 

Jenkins requested $70,000 for two and a half years or $28,000 for each 12 months in that time, he said. The council approved the motion. 

Palouse Discovery Science Center

Meri Joswiak, Palouse Discovery Science Center director, said the center is a nonprofit that focuses on educating children in the community and offers exhibits, classes, field trips, internship opportunities and more. 

In the past year, the center has worked with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, WSU’s Responsibility Opportunity Advocacy and Respect program and other organizations. 

In the next few months, the center will host events such as a science pub talk on May 10 at Paradise Creek Brewery and their annual Wine Under the Stars fundraiser on Sept. 10, she said. 


Sam Jenkins, geographic information system administrator, presented three drafts of redistricting maps during a public hearing. 

The council selected a final map that will be published for community comment. The council will discuss it further on May 24, Sam Jenkins said.

Transit proposals

Pullman Transit Manager Wayne Thompson spoke to the council about the increased cost of a Dial-A-Ride van. 

Last year, the city staff received a $75,000 state special needs grant contract that was to be used for this expense, Thompson said. 

However, in the past year, the cost of a van has increased, and an additional $11,771 is needed to purchase one, he said. 

Thompson asked the council for permission to buy the van with a combination of grant funds and transit reserve funds. The council approved his request.

Traffic Projects

Public Works Director Shawn Kohtz presented a resolution to the council asking them to accept the bid from Motley-Motley, Inc. for a Terre View Drive resurfacing project. 

The project would involve shaving down the top two inches of the current asphalt and replacing it with a more sustainable and smoother asphalt, Kohtz said. 

The council adopted the resolution. 

Kohtz presented a second resolution seeking the council’s approval to accept another bid from Motley-Motley, Inc. for the accelerated streets resurfacing project. 

This project includes the addition of two traffic circles on SW Center Street and is expected to cost $987,919.40, he said. 

The council adopted the resolution and accepted a bid for $1,257,008.90. 

City Appointments

The council reappointed Nathan Deen to the Civil Service Commission until late December 2027. 

The council appointed Pullman High School freshman Nelia Peng to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Her term will end in late December 2024.