Students discuss Valhalla renovation

Students provide other suggestions to attract more customers



“Everyone likes it for its local availability, plus it has really good food.”

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

Valhalla Bar and Grill closed their doors for the summer on May 22; they reopened their upstairs on Aug. 9, but the downstairs remained closed due to renovations. On Aug. 23, Valhalla officially opened their downstairs for people to enjoy, according to their Facebook post.

The bar renovated the downstairs to expand their dance floor and add more seating; along two of the walls, Valhalla added booth seating to accomodate the many visitors, as well as added a neon light with the bars name on it.

Students across campus were asked their opinion of the renovation.

Freshman kinesiology major Dylan Lothian said he has never been to Valhalla, but would like to go sometime in the future.

“I’d definitely go there in the future regardless of the renovation, but I guess now there’s more incentive to,” Lothian said. “It’s got a great location, it’s right on Greek Row”

Chandler Kast, senior interior design major, said he has been there frequently but not since he got back for the summer.

“Everyone likes it for its local availability, plus it has really good food,” Kast said. “I think it’s also very big, very open and it tailors to a big crowd.”

Kast said he thinks the remodel is a positive development because the upstairs has a better atmosphere than the downstairs.

“Me being an interior designer, I kind of notice these things,” Kast said.

Jake Kalahar, junior business management major, said he has been to Valhalla many times, with the most recent time being a couple of days ago.

Kalahar said he had heard about the remodel before and thought it was a good decision.

“It needs to happen, it’s good,” Kalahar said. “With the Emporium, they’ve kind of been slacking a bit and needed to up their game.”

Kalahar said he would probably go to Valhalla sometime after the remodel. The thing he likes about Valhalla is the atmosphere.

“What I like about V-Hall is it’s usually chill,” Kalahar said. “You can go there and talk to your friends.”

Something Valhalla could do to attract more people is to add another bar downstairs, Kalahar said.

“The reason why the Emporium’s so successful is it’s more spread out and you can go anywhere to get drinks,” he said.

Jack Kircher, senior viticulture and enology major, said he has not been to Valhalla before or heard about the remodel, but thought it was most likely a positive development.

“Every time I walk past it it’s been packed, so more space is probably good for business,” Kircher said.

Kircher said he liked Valhalla’s name and thought maybe to attract more students they could use it to their advantage.

“How about the idea, it’s called Valhalla, they should make more branding based on Viking  imagery,” Kircher said.