Newly elected freshmen delegates impress acting ASWSU legislators

Student engagement is top priority by newly elected freshmen delegates



Freshman delegate Samuel Jang

LIAM CONNORS, Deputy news editor

This Wednesday’s inaugural ASWSU meeting saw the confirmation of the two vacant freshman delegate positions.

Five candidates spoke to acting ASWSU senators in order to pitch their case for the position. Each candidate was given five minutes to speak and were given questions afterward by the active legislators.

Samuel Jang

Of the five candidates, the first to speak and first confirmed was political science major Samuel Jang.

“As a poli-sci major, legislation and policy making are really intriguing to me,” Jang said. “I think this experience will not only be extremely beneficial, but will also help me when applying for grad school.” 

One of the biggest focuses going forward was expanding and aiding club engagement and awareness, he said.

The sitting senators were enamored with Jang’s ability to recite numerous bylaws at the top of his head with no hesitation.

One senator was impressed with not only the leadership positions held, but also the diversity of said positions which would help him serve the needs of all students. Jang said he served on the executive board for the drama club in high school as well as student leadership council for the football team along with a role as team captain. 

Anusha Bose

Business major Anusha Bose was the second delegate who was confirmed, with senators highlighting her ambition, drive and comprehensive plans of action.

Bose said that her experience in link crew during high school, where she aided incoming freshmen, fueled her decision to apply for the position

“I took a business law class and leadership classes and fell in love with both of them, so I figured why not try out for this,” she said.

Bose’s said her main goal was to help alleviate any confusion incoming and current freshmen may have and help highlighting resources available to them

“During orientation I saw how confused freshmen looked when walking around looking for and choosing classes,”  she said.

Bose outlined a plan that included creating an Instagram page that would follow and interact with current freshmen, assisting them with any sort of confusion they may have in their first year as cougs. 

Both delegates were immediately sworn in after being officially elected.