Joey’s Top 10s: The Ultimate Star Wars List

“Original and Sequel trilogy fans, buckle up!”


Star Wars has amassed countless fans with countless opinions in the decades since its debut.


Star Wars.

Ya love it or ya hate it.

Most fans of the franchise are more critical of it than people who do not care to watch them. Here is my ranking of every Star Wars movie (Excluding the feature-length animated Clone Wars movie, Holiday Special and two random Ewok movies).

This is my personal ranking — I am sure every Star Wars fan has a different one. I am a fan of the Prequels, which is a pretty controversial stance to have, so Original and Sequel trilogy fans, buckle up!

  1. “The Last Jedi”

This movie is pretty brutal all around. The plot does not really move a whole lot.

The “stuck-on-a-ship-running-out-of-fuel” idea seems pretty bland for a Star Wars movie. The visuals are amazing, but that is pretty much it. Luke Skywalker being all angry and spiteful makes me sad.

  1. “The Rise of Skywalker”

I … I just do not know what to say about this one.

  1. “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

I like this movie more each time I watch it. While Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Han Solo cannot be matched, Alden Ehrenreich does a solid job as young Han.

Taking a break from the main Skywalker Saga to tell this story was a good move, unfortunately, this movie was boycotted by fans because it was released after “The Last Jedi,” which is not a fan favorite.

  1. “The Phantom Menace”

The first movie in my favorite trilogy of the Star Wars saga, “The Phantom Menace”­ has its fair share of highs and lows — highs such as the fight between Qui Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul with Duel of the Fates playing in the background, and lows like Jar Jar Binks being introduced to the Star Wars universe.

I really like the political direction that the Prequels take.

  1. “The Force Awakens”

Decidedly the best movie in the Sequel trilogy, if only they had expanded on it better.

I think the ex-stormtrooper turned Jedi storyline would have been amazing, but Finn was sidelined after this movie, along with Poe, another awesome character who never got a fair shot.

This was the first Star Wars movie to come out after “Revenge Of The Sith,” following the Disney acquisition of Star Wars.

  1. “A New Hope”

The first (and probably most important) Star Wars movie young farm boy Luke Skywalker goes on an adventure with the old hermit Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi, and the rest is history. This movie has gone on to inspire film culture in so many ways, it is really cool to have three generations of movies spawn from “A New Hope.”

  1. “The Empire Strikes Back”

Usually seen as the best Star Wars movie, Darth Vader being Luke’s father is one of the most iconic plot twists in movie history.

  1. “Return of the Jedi”

ROTJ used to be my favorite of the franchise until I got more into the Prequels. This movie wraps up the first trilogy in order of release date and ties the story together very nicely. Every main character gets a nice conclusion to their story arc.

  1. “Attack of the Clones”

This might be controversial, but I love this movie. I grew up watching in my mom’s car on the way to soccer practice until I almost had it memorized.

Other than that, I think the political aspect of the sequels is a really cool touch, it provides for a deeper storyline than “No, I am your father” does with the originals. Also, we got the legendary “I don’t like sand” scene with Padme and Anakin.


  1. “Rogue One”

This movie blew me away, I honestly had no clue what it was about until the final half-hour, and it absolutely floored me. Up until the very last scene, this movie has you on your toes. The characters are introduced and developed so well.

  1. “Revenge of the Sith”

While this movie may be seen as a machine for one-liners, I think it is my far the best movie plot-wise of the Star Wars franchise. It has funny moments, serious moments and downright heartbreaking ones too.

Pitting Anakin against Obi-Wan is such a brutal matchup to watch. The prequels are so cool to me because the concept of a “clone war” was basically a throwaway line from “A New Hope,” then it becomes a beloved part of Star Wars 20 years after “Return of The Jedi” was released.