Joey’s Top 10s: Top 10 Eagles songs

Just try to guess what is at the top of this list…



The Eagles in concert, “History of the Eagles” tour, Grand Rapids, September 2014. Left to right – Timothy B. Schmit, Bernie Leadon, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh. Don Henley on drums singing lead vocals not shown


The Eagles are my all-time favorite band. I discovered their music and did a real deep dive during my freshman year of high school.

They really encapsulate the American rock and roll sound. I will try to keep this list interesting, but we all know what the top song is going to be.

  1. “In the City”

This song feels more like a Joe Walsh song rather than an Eagles song, but it is a tasty tune either way. It is featured in the 1979 movie “The Warriors.” This is a pretty simple song by the band’s standards, but it has a really nice slide guitar solo to wrap the song up.

  1. “Nightingale”

The fifth song off of the Eagles’ debut album, “Nightingale” is often overlooked, and I think it deserves more recognition.

While it does not have the same earworm factor that “Take it Easy” or “Peaceful Easy Feeling” do, this song drives home the 70s Southern California folk rock sound.

8 “Victim of Love”

Lead guitarist Don Felder delivers an out-of-this-world guitar riff to kick this song off. It is one of the reasons why I love the Eagles so much – each album is very recognizable and you can instantly tell which song is from which album. They are very good at making a cohesive sound/theme across their studio albums.

  1. “After the Thrill is Gone”

This is a very heartfelt song, a lot more balladesque than what might be seen as typical from the Eagles.

There are minimal instruments on this track, the song is really focused on the vocals and the meaning behind the lyrics. The guitar solo is very well crafted and compliments the song nicely.

  1. “One of These Nights”

A definite staple of the Eagles catalog, “One of These Nights” has a pretty mysterious feel to it and another screamin’ hot solo by Don Felder.

  1. “Life in the Fast Lane”

Recognizable from the first note of the song, “Life in the Fast Lane” is a song that everybody knows (or should know).

This song, like most of the album, is pretty guitar heavy, and that is not a bad thing at all. There are so many guitar tracks in this song, but they are all very cohesive, and “Life in the Fast Lane” is no exception.

4. “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

As the title of the song would suggest, this song is a really nice, laid-back track; it creates one of the best atmospheres that I know of and does a great job of putting the listener at ease.

  1. “Already Gone”

Probably the most optimistic break up song, “Already Gone” is based on a pretty basic blues shuffle but the lead guitar playing is all over the neck of the guitar.

The album that “Already Gone” is a part of is really the last of the true Americana-sounding Eagles records. The band takes a little bit more of an introspective turn after this album.

  1. “Take it Easy”

A very similar feel to “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” “Take it Easy” is the first song on the Eagles’ first album and is a staple on classic rock radio. The lyric “I’m standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see. It’s a girl my lord in a flat bed ford slowing down to take a look at me,” is one of my absolute ever.

Honorable mentions: “Desperado,” “Take it to the Limit,” “Witchy Woman”

  1. “Hotel California”

What else could take the top spot on this list?

“Hotel California” is arguably the best rock and roll song of all time. It incorporates everything that is needed in a rock song. The solo that ends the song knocks the socks off of almost every other solo. The blend of Joe Walsh and Don Felder’s guitar parts works incredibly well and never gets old.