Ask Life: How do I get ready to move out of my dorm?

A simple checklist changes everything



Starting early can be a huge help.

ALAINN FITZGERALD, Evergreen reporter

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Dear Life Section,

I have to be out of my dorm in less than a week, and I have not started packing. I do not even know where to start. How do I get ready to move out?


Shoebox Room Owner


Dear Shoebox Room Owner,

The school year flew by without you knowing it. It is completely understandable not to know where or how to start packing your room up.

With finals and dead week, getting started can seem like a burden. So, the first piece of advice is to take things slow.

One way to do this is by starting a few lists.

Start a list of essentials of what you will still need throughout the next few weeks. This is to ensure you do not accidentally pack them up when you still need them. No one wants to have to rip apart boxes and bins to try and find their toothbrush.

Another list to think about starting is a list of what is yours and what is your roommate’s (if you have a roommate).

When living in a dorm, some things eventually become shared, sorting out what is yours and what is not can save time and even an argument or two.

If your family is nearby, consider having them come to campus.

For one, they can help the stress of packing by having more hands to help, and can possibly take some of your things back home early.

Having things gone early can relieve the stress of officially moving out by having much less to take home all in one go.

Before officially packing up, begin going through and sorting your things.

Getting rid of things can include anything that will not be helpful next semester, like digital files or documents from last semester’s classes and dorm essentials if you are moving into an apartment.

Finally, learn the move-out procedures of your building and/or residence hall.

Most buildings have procedures for moving out efficiently and on time. Knowing such procedures can save you time, stress and even charges on your account.

For example, when moving out, be sure to clean everything. You may be charged for any mess left behind. No one wants a fine!

Also, be sure to check your move-out dates and be prepared to email your RED in case you need an extension.

Moving out can be very stressful, but with these few tips and tricks, it can be smooth sailing.

Good luck Cougs, and have a great summer!


The Life Section