Trevor Junt: Leader and a friend

Evergreen’s GOAT (Greatest Of All Trevors) leaves a legacy


Trevor Junt graduates from WSU in spring 2023 with a bachelor’s in mulitmedia journalism.


Trevor Junt is the most confident man you will meet at WSU, and he would be the first to tell you that. 

It’s not that no one else would say so, it’s just that Trevor would say it before anyone else could have a chance to.

His confidence reigns supreme over anything, as whenever he is hesitant about something, he reminds himself, “I am Trevor Junt, I can do this.” Using that confidence to his advantage, when Trevor walks across the Beasley Coliseum stage Saturday, he will take with him a Bachelor’s Degree in multimedia journalism.

“Trevor just has a sort of natural confidence about him that maybe he doesn’t even see sometimes,” said Ben Shors, journalism and media production chair and clinical associate professor of Murrow. 

Another defining characteristic of the face of “The Weekend Wrap-Up with Trevor Junt” is his bluntness, as his friends, family and professors alike all said it is the first thing to know about him. 

“A real authentic guy but he’s like also sensitive and if he knows that he hurt somebody’s feelings he feels bad about that and apologizes. He definitely wears his heart on his sleeve,” Trevor’s brother Tyler Junt said. 

Tyler’s favorite memory of his brother was at his wedding, where, as his best man, Trevor cried the moment he saw his future sister-in-law and then brother walk down the aisle. 

“I got married last year and he’s my best man. And I come walking down the aisle to go like stand up there and people are walking in and I see him and he’s just crying, like tears streaming down his face, crying, and it’s just it felt super sweet. I could just tell how much he loves me,” he said. 

Trevor Junt crying at his brother’s wedding, Aug. 5, 2022 at Kennewick Baptist Church.

Transferring to WSU from Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Trevor was never worried about making friends as a self-described lover of people. 

“I’m a person that loves people. I know truly like I’m just a very socialite who enjoys coming in people and just enjoys life outside,” he said. 

Tyler said he recognizes his love and it’s obvious to him as his brother that he loves his family and friends completely. 

When he first arrived on the Pullman campus, he found his way to meeting members of Cable 8 and from there became a producer. 

After attending WSU virtually during the pandemic, Trevor finally got to attend classes at the WSU Pullman campus in fall 2021. One of the first things Trevor did when getting to Pullman, was apply to be the producer of Cable 8’s broadcast sports program, then called Unorthodox Sports. 

At the first WSU football game of the year, Trevor got to stand on the sideline and create a highlight video for the game. What followed was a late night spent editing his video with Damien, who was also covering the game for a WSU blog.

“It was great just hanging out with friends. So I mean, it was me Brinkley, Alex, Damien and we would just edit and create content. But mostly like the camaraderie I would say like the ability just to make friends and hang out with friends was the best part of the editing sessions” Trevor said. 

The friends he made through Cable 8 and Wazzu Sports Network are lifelong friends, he said.

In 2022, with two of those friends, Damien and Brinkley Hill, they took a 20+ hour road trip to cover the USC vs. WSU game at the Coliseum, a trip that all three said they will never forget. 

“Trevor is a great person to have in your circle, a great friend. Sometimes when I would be struggling with things, you know, he was someone that I was able to talk to. And a lot of the times I always felt like skeptical about, like who I can and can’t talk to who I can tell, but Trevor is always someone I can trust in to this day,” Alvarado said.

Both Hill and Alvarado said Trevor is someone they look to for advice and he is someone always willing to help them and guide them along their path. 

“He’s so funny and like knowledgeable and I think he’s been someone that you know, over the last few years. You need something and he’s like, he’s quick to respond. You know, he’s someone that you can always rely on,” Hill said. 

Damian Alvarado (left), Brinkley Hill (center) and Trevor Junt (right) graduate from WSU as best friends. April 22, 2023 at Gesa Field.

Being that person people can rely on is something that Trevor tries to do and prides himself on, he said. It is also something that his brother recognizes as a notable trait. 

“I think he tries to be a servant leader. Instead of, you know, telling people what do, he’ll do that but he will also do it himself if he needs to. I think that’s like a really selfless trait, and I admire that in him,” Tyler said.

Trevor’s personality and passion for journalism have helped him gain great friends and mentors.

Trevor credits Murrow professors Alison Boggs, Wendy Raney and of course Shors for challenging him to better his writing and giving him a slew of opportunities to succeed.

“He’s just got that likability quality about him that people want to work with him and collaborate with him. He’s just a good soul,” Ben Shors said.

Trevor said that he has anxiety and it is something that plagues his life, but it is not something that defines his ability to be a journalist. 

“It affects every single like thing during every single day. Because it’s not just anxiety. It’s like it’s OCD. It’s depression, it’s ADD stuff that like, like it’s hard to get up in the morning sometimes and just put pants on and go out and go to school or just go and hang out with friends” he said. 

In July 2022, Trevor took in a dog that his cousin could not longer take care of. That dog, Rufus, is now his emotional support dog that is always there for him when he is working through his anxiety. 

“Rufus. I mean my dog dude. He’s a great like body to have around and he’s like very, he loves people first off, so it’s great that he loves people, and then it’s me and him just hanging out late nights, you know, if I don’t feel good, he’s there,” Trevor said. 

In 2022, Trevor joined the Daily Evergreen as the football beat writer. With the sports section rapidly expanding, Trevor became the deputy sports editor midway through the semester.

Trevor prides himself as a journalist that asks real questions. He said the toughest question he asked was to head coach Jake Dickert, immediately after WSU football lost the Apple Cup.

Trevor asked Dickert how his defense allowed over 700 yards.

“There’s been a few times where like, I asked questions and he like genuinely gets pissed off. But like, that makes me more happy I guess. Because like, I don’t want to be asking him easy questions all the time,” Trevor said.

Trevor is highly considering attending graduate school. His options include Northwestern and Syracuse among other schools.

Of anyone at WSU, Alvarado knows Trevor the best.

 “A very blunt man and a great friend,” he said.

Trevor takes no shame in being known as blunt.

“I hope I’m kind of goofy too, because I like being a little goofball, a silly, silly, goose,” Trevor said.