WSU men’s basketball roster: departures

Mouhamed Gueye, Adrame Diongue and others leave WSU



WSU forward Mouhamed Gueye celebrated during a NCAA men’s basketball game against California Jan 11th.

HAYDEN STINCHFIELD, Evergreen sports co-editor

The nice thing about losing what feels like half of the roster to the transfer portal every offseason is that by now it has stopped being a surprise. WSU has added a number of players from the portal and other avenues, but before focusing on that, we must first focus on the departures and where they are headed.

The most exciting departure is Mouhamed Gueye. Losing someone to the portal is often a bummer for fans because they will be playing for another college team. Losing someone to the NBA draft, though, is different. Having a player make the NBA is one of the most exciting things for college basketball fans, as you now get a chance to watch them excel and develop at a higher level, pointing them out on the TV to your friends: “He played for the Cougs, I watched him in college!”

Gueye declared for the draft without entering the portal, and while there was a chance that he could have withdrawn before the draft,  it is now official that Gueye has played his last game in a WSU uniform and is headed for the pros. He is a projected second-round pick or undrafted free agent signing, but after watching his development over the last two years it is not hard to imagine him becoming a valuable piece for a pro team.

Now, for the less fun departures. First, DJ Rodman. Rodman’s departure has been covered and talked about extensively by this point. He announced he was staying at the end of last season before entering the portal. Despite his exit, his return announcement still holds cruel credibility, as Rodman has committed to play at USC. Without the schedule release, it is not a certainty, but it seems as though Rodman has yet to play his final day on WSU hardwood.

TJ Bamba led the Cougars in scoring last season, and initially declared for the draft but ultimately committed to Villanova to be closer to home. He will likely see a decreased role but certainly is hoping to continue being a first option on a bigger stage. His brief draft declaration made his goal clear, and he has a very real shot.

Adrame Diongue, who was the backup center last year and was looked at as next year’s starter, also entered the portal. One of the highest-ranked recruits in program history, Diongue struggled to find playing time his freshman year and struggled in the minutes he got to be effective. His obvious extreme physical talent and a few standout games last year excited fans, but unfortunately his future development will most likely come in a different uniform.

Two-sport athlete and fan favorite Jack Wilson ran out of college eligibility for football this year but made the decision to use his graduate transfer year to head over and play basketball at University of Minnesota.

Carlos Rosario, a deep bench piece last year who has been a Coug for three seasons also entered the transfer portal. He is surely seeking more playing time, as his talents have not yet found their way into the rotation in Pullman.

Dishon Jackson was on track to be last year’s starter at center before undisclosed health issues put him out for the season. Now, he has also gone to the transfer portal. With uncertainty surrounding much of the situation, a change of scenery could probably do him some good. He has committed to play at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, even further from his Bay Area origins than Pullman was.

Portal rules are confusing. Until someone has committed somewhere else or officially entered the draft, there is always a chance they will return. Setting absolutes is never a good idea. That being said, most of these players are gone for good. Fortunately, they are being replaced with many newcomers. The Cougs are not gutted, simply changed, hopefully for the better.