WSU needs to back its student veterans

The American Legion strongly supports all efforts at Washington State University to have a place to meet regularly. Any group is more reliable and stronger when they can meet in the same location and time regularly. It is good to see that the ASWSU, especially President Taylor Hennessey, is working with the Veterans to get a place established.

Last spring I was told that a plan had been submitted to the Capital Planning and Development Committee to have a Veterans Center established or built, but that it was unlikely due to space limitations and the decision to spend the money provided for veterans on other veteran services.

While The American Legion understands there are different ways to spend the state and federal money provided for the benefit of student vets, it was a surprise to discover in Zack Briggs’ Aug. 29 article that WSU is the only PAC-12 school without a Veterans Center.

The success of our Veterans with their unique challenges is all of our responsibilities.

Staff and student veteran representatives assist Veterans through these challenges. I was discharged from the Navy less than four weeks before the semester started, and the Vet Coordinator took the time to personally walk my application through the process to get me in school. I would not have been admitted without the assistance of the Veterans Coordinator at the time. Sometimes, it takes that kind of personal assistance to get the job done.

The American Legion is available to assist and support the ASWSU and veterans efforts to have a Veterans Center established. If we can be of assistance, please contact the local 7th District Commander Sarah Lee, Service Officer Gary Roach, Department Commander Jim Davidson or myself

James R Lohr II Vice-Commander Area IV